Delhi University is one of the most premier universities of the country which attracts both pupil and scholars as faculty to teach in it. A local Delhi girl student will seldom find any difficulty in studying in any of the colleges of DU as they not only know the city in and out but also have a fair idea about whom to talk with and from whom to stay away. But if you are someone who is coming to Delhi for studying in DU, then it can initially be a daunting affair for you. Delhi not being safe for girls can further adds to your dilemma as well as anxiety

So we have come up with few tips that can help you in your settling period in Delhi. These tips may seem like a homework to you, but believe me they will play a key role in transition from any city of India to a city like Delhi


The first and foremost thing to be looked after when you move in to a new city is stay. Speaking of Delhi, it has more than sufficient options for bed and breakfast. You will find n numbers of girls pg in kamla nagar, PG accommodations and flats to live in Delhi. Most of the hostels and PG accommodations are run by local families of the city. The tip is to look for accommodations which are not only near your college but is also well connected to popular pockets of the city. It is advisable to invest in bustling as well as reliable neighbourhoods of the city. South and central Delhi, Vasant Kunj, GK, Hauz Kaz village and Nizammuddin East are some reliable locations in Delhi for non-Delhi girls to love in

Discovering Delhi

Delhi is an amazing city both in terms of food and fashion. You will definitely wish to explore the city while you spend cream years of your life in the city. But your safety is your responsibility and you will have to be aware to be safe. Don’t go roaming in deserted and dimly lit roads of the city. Make sure wherever you go, the place is bustling with people, is well connected to the main road, has easy access to public transport and you know your way back to the hostel. Most things shut down in Delhi by midnight, so count midnight as your time to reach your final destination unless you are partying with people you know.

Local Transport

Three major means of local transportation in Delhi is auto rickshaw, metro and cabs. If you decide to take a rickshaw to any destination, make sure rickshaw driver is not taking you to a dimly lit off the route road. Stick to the main roads. Metro is one of the most reliable and safest means of transportation in Delhi. Use it whenever possible. If you happen to travel after 9 PM, travel in a registered vehicle or use services like OLA and Uber. They are bit expensive but completely safe for use.

Some essentials you should always have in your bag

There are certain things you should always keep handy in your bag for your convenience and safety. You should have mobile number of at least one local person whom you can call in a state of emergency or for seeking guidance. Apart from that you should have full address of your hostel, flat or PG accommodation along with a landmark nearby. Pepper spray is something which can help you in the hour of need. Apart from that you should also have a local map and some loose cash and change for easy navigation. You should also have some emergency helpline numbers like police control room, Medical, women’s helpline, Delhi metro helpline, auto helpline and accident helpline.

Talking to locals
Golden rule of mixing up with local Delhi crowd is being confident about where you are, what you want and why you are there, even if you are pretending. You can dress up yourself for a restaurant in Hauz Kaz village but when you go to north, east or west Delhi i.e. old Delhi dress yourself conservatively for avoiding unnecessary attention from local crowd.

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The author lives in the beautiful city of delhi and loves to write about the city and other local things