An E-Commerce website is similar to your physical stores in the mall where the customer’s first impression matters. An attractive website designed display will invite and attract more customers to your website and influence them to buy from you. Websites that are cluttered and disorganized will discourage consumers to stick to your site, and may potentially lose out on sales. Moreover, unlike other regular websites, an eCommerce website developed by an e-commerce website development company in Mumbai has additional features in it. This would include SSL configuration, payment options, site architecture, design, page load speed, and photos to name a few. Further, you would need the e-commerce website design company in Mumbai to develop a website on a platform that supports adequate server resources. Or else your store may significantly slow down or crash and lead to a huge loss of clients and money. In today’s article, we have shared some useful tips for developing the most effective e-commerce website.
1. Select the Right Platform and Functional Theme
Developing an eCommerce website is not just about the design but selecting the right platform for hosting and selecting a functional theme that goes well with your business. When considering the development of an eCommerce website, select a proven platform such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or others that can handle large volumes. You would also require a robust platform if you plan to sell your products to international customers, using different currencies. Building an omnichannel and multi-channel website is what you may require. Once you decide the right platform you need to then select a good theme which is visually appealing, customizable to your brand, loads quickly, responsive, and most importantly works on all browser. Discuss with your eCommerce website developer in Mumbai to see what best suits your business and accordingly get them designed.
2. Mobile Responsive Website Design
This is absolutely a no-brainer for any business having a website online. It is essential that your e-commerce website is mobile responsive and which means the web page must be mobile optimized. Statista reports suggest nearly 40-45% of view comes from mobile devices. So you are actually missing out on almost 50% of your potential customers if you are not yet mobile responsive. Mobile users must find it easy to browse your website and buying products without hassle. Ensure your e-commerce website design company in Mumbai makes your website responsive.
3. Websites should be easy to navigate
How hard can it be to ensure your website is easy to navigate? Many e-commerce platforms are hard to navigate and get through to the check-out cart. A cluttered website leads to confusion and may end-up pushing your visitors away from your site. Frustrated and unclear customers most often abandon the cart and end-up buying from your competitor’s website. The navigation should be easy and the path to check out should be extremely convenient with bare minimum steps involved.
4. Design keeping in mind the visitors
The website your website design company in Mumbai develops should provide a look and feel for an ultimate experience. , it should be designed in a way your customer learn about your products and influenced to purchase them. It is important to make pages and elements attractive enough for visitors to buy from you. Make the whole process of shopping hassle-free and quick. Customers love to visit a website if it is easy to use and the process of checkout is easy.
5. E-commerce websites should be secure-
Any customer wanting to purchase from you will expect you to have a secure payment gateway option. Customers will only trust credible sites that are safe to make transactions. So, ensure you design a website that is SSL encrypted with secure payment gateways.

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