The market offers lawn mowers with very varied benefits. It is important to choose the model that best suits the characteristics of our terrain and our own preferences.

When choosing a lawn mower there are several factors that we must take into account.

First of all, if the surface is of large dimensions we will need a resistant cutter to face longer work. Likewise, it will be necessary to have adequate power for the inclination of our land. We will require more volts the higher the slope.

It is also important to choose from the beginning if we want an electric model or a gasoline model. The electric does not require buying fuel every certain time but we will need to work carefully to avoid accidents with the cable.

Another detail to take into account is the space that we have to store the cutter. There are many models with folding handlebars and some have integrated handles for easy handling. A small cutter will be stored more comfortably. However, if the dimensions are large, we can have a wider cutting width, which reduces working time. If the terrain is small we may have less storage space, but it will also be less necessary to have a large cutting width. Also, if the terrain is large, the size of the lawn mower is probably not a problem.

Regarding the cut, it is interesting that our model has the option to change the height of the cut and that the change of it is easy and comfortable. If at a certain moment we want our grass to have a certain height, being able to make the change easily will save us time and effort. In this sense, it is also useful to have models that drill the cut to the edges of walls and different obstacles. In this way, we will save ourselves from having to do this work manually.

Regarding the storage tank, it is useful to have enough capacity. However, a greater volume of the deposit is only a matter of extreme importance when it comes to mowing the lawn of a large land. In this case, it is convenient a large deposit that reduces the number of times we have to empty it. However, if our land is small it does not have to be an essential requirement.

Finally, according to our tastes and personal characteristics, we have to take care to a greater or lesser extent the ergonomics of our cutter. The weight of the model must be taken into account to relieve fatigue during work but also to lighten the effort during the storage of the machine. It is important to combine an optimal weight without reducing the performance of the cutter. Therefore, according to the needs, can compensate a heavier machine but more effective.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.