App developers India also design and develop mobile eCommerce applications for a brand. The role of UI designer is more crucial with the rise of new technologies and it increases in demand for making a more dynamic and customized end-user experience.

A new mobile technology and a new app is emerging almost every new dawn. The world has moved towards dependency on mobile for every need, i.e. from shopping to paying utility bills. Everything is available on mobile.

You need to be very careful while choosing the quality of your product or else people won’t buy it. Humans always look for perfection in the app UI, whether it is app for gadgets or apparels. You need to create the intuitive interfaces and catchy designs.

Designing the app with high-quality UI makes it perfect and attractive. Ecommerce app development need to take care of the following things:

1.Manage Catalogue Wisely

In order to have access to every product in less time, it is important to arrange the products in simplified manner. A good practice is do not let customers make more than 3 taps for finding the right product. Make the customer’s experience simple by implementing following things:

•Add checkout on your product page.
•Allow them to browse a subcategory to find specific products
•Display a certain class of products at the homepage.
•Simple click to reach to the product page.

2.Filters And Search

Many top brands viz. have product filters and search options, to boost conversion. Basically, there are two types of filters used by application development services, namely, broad and specific. It is essential to arrange such filters in, so that the users can easily navigate related products from the list and ultimately increase the sales.

•Instant Search Result shows results just-as-you-type with spell check, and auto-correction. You can even add search by title, tags, product type, and so on. Add different search patterns such as Dynamic Search, Explicit Search, Scoped Search, etc.

•Horizontal Filter is much in demand, as it is flexible. It allows the use of tables, sliders, checkboxes, and links to offer a more comfortable user experience.

•Smart Auto-suggestion gives users popular search suggestions along with live product preview.

3.Add To Cart & Checkout

Adding the item to the cart is mainly a final stage in shopping. It follows verifying it, selecting the payment option and making the payment. ‘Add to Cart’ button should stand out from the other buttons. Try to make it attractive and unique by keeping focus on the button’s shape, size, color, and position.

Having a white color background is the best option in ecommerce app development, as white color doesn’t make an application too messy with colors and shapes. With Ecommerce app development, there’s a need of understanding these essentials.

4.Minimize User’s Efforts

Minimize user’s efforts for shopping of new items. Popular app like Myntra is showing recommended items close to the user selected items. It makes browsing faster for other users and it is important for UI designer to check if this section is working as per set algorithm.

So, always display related products near the selected ones.
Keep the sign in step very simple.
Just ask the name and email for registration for simplicity or signing-up with a social account is also a good alternative.

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