BV or bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection that affects many women of childbearing age. Any infection involving the genital organ brings discomfort and affects a person's sexual life. When the natural balance of good and bad bacteria in the vaginal area is disturbed, bacterial vaginosis may occur. Although this infection is very common, there are things that you can do to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis.

Some women with BV do not have symptoms but if symptoms do occur, the most common one is the presence of vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor. Some compared the odor of the discharge as fish-like odor. Sufferer may also experience itching around the vaginal area and burning sensation especially during urination. No one wishes to suffer from great discomfort brought by BV. Women should avoid getting bacterial vaginosis to spare themselves from its disturbing symptoms. The following tips can be very helpful to prevent BV.

Avoid disturbing the vaginal bacterial balance to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis. Keep the vaginal area clean but avoid the use of scented products that could serve as irritants or could upset the vaginal natural flora. Irritants may include scented vaginal hygiene products like feminine wash, pads, vaginal deodorant, sprays and scented toilet paper or tissue. Allow air circulation in the vaginal area to prevent sweating. Cotton underwear and loose pants and skirts are ideal to prevent sweating.

Practice safe sex and limit the number of your sex partners to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis. It is best to have a monogamous sex life or have only one sex partner to lower your risk of getting BV. Women with multiple sex partners are more likely to get the infection. Practice safe sex to protect yourself. The use of condom should be a common practice every time you will have sexual contact with your partner.

Avoid douching to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis. The bacteria in the vaginal area must be balance to avoid infections. The natural flora or the natural balance of organisms living in the vagina and the natural acidity of the vagina can be damaged by douching. Any change or disturbance in the natural balance of organisms in the vaginal area can make women more at risk of infections. Douching can harm the bacteria that protect the vagina from infections, so douching must be avoided to keep the balance. Most women douche regularly to clean the vagina without knowing that this can cause infections. The vagina has the natural ability to clean itself, douching must be done only if your doctor advised you to do so. Cleaning the outside of the vagina with mild vaginal soap and warm water should be enough.

There are women who are unaware that they already have BV because of the lack of symptoms. Doctors can detect the presence of BV through vaginal examination and testing of vaginal fluid. If you are diagnosed with BV, follow your doctor's advice and take the full course of medicines prescribed. For women with symptoms, it is important to take all the medicines even if the symptoms go away. If you are suffering from recurring BV and keeps getting the infection, tell your doctor.

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