AWS Solution Architect is a professional who commands a salary of $142,000 annually at a beginner level.

This salary package does not come easy. You need to toll and learn the fundamentals of AWS. You also need to take an AWS Solutions Architect Certification exam.

Before you set on to get ready for an AWS Solutions Architect Exam you should know how much time does it take to prepare and become a certified professional.

Here is an approximate timeline that you will have to follow through to become a certified AWs Solutions Architect.

1). Learn a programming language- Java, Python or C#- 1 month

Most architects have an item improvement establishment. A viable AWS planner should have the alternative to form code in Java, Python, C#, or some other of the programming vernaculars which have an authority AWS SDK.

Getting programming, generally speaking, is noteworthy for making down to earth, intelligible courses of action that would fill in as arranged. Moreover, an incredible planner can use programming to quickly make a proof of thought or demo to tell a point or analyze the ideal approach to use the top tier propels.

2). Develop Networking Skills- 5 days

It's hard to make a protected, versatile cloud-based plan without cognizance arranging. DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN, and VPN are only two or three the terms you have to make yourself familiar with.

That doesn't mean you need to know the port that you need to open for SSH get the opportunity to (despite the fact that it has any kind of effect). As a creator you're required to have the choice to use organizations, for instance, Route 53 (DNS), CloudFront (CDN) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to structure your cloud frameworks organization using open and private subnets, web access and VPC peering.

3). Get a Grasp on Data storage fundamentals- 3 days

Each AWS Solution engineer needs to know and perceive how and when to use databases. In AWS, where you have various data amassing decisions openly, you ought to have the choice to acknowledge when to use each.

From fundamental, yet mind-blowing, bucket amassing using S3 to Relational Database Service (RDS) and appropriate to irrefutable Hadoop gatherings, you'll need to consider different limits, execution, and cost, and pick the best way to deal with store a couple or most of your association's data.

4). Learn about the Security foundations- 7 days

From secure access to your AWS record to secure access to your data, AWS has a couple of organizations and standards made unequivocally to empower you to guarantee simply endorsed code and people are allowed to perform express endeavors.

You will similarly need to get some answers concerning Identity and Access Management (IAM), an organization that will empower you to describe which organizations and customers can get to which resources. Make sense of how to check your frameworks using Security Groups and Access Control Lists.

5). AWS service selection- 5 days

Cloud building incorporates front-end and back-end advances upheld by fragments given by a cloud shipper, when in doubt, Amazon. Extraordinary cloud organizers ought to acknowledge what organizations are accessible to them and have a not too bad appreciation of the organizations relevant to the affiliation. This is no straightforward task since Amazon will as a rule release new benefits reliably. Perceiving what to focus on is huge. Basic organizations each AWS sketcher should know to join SQS (clear covering), SNS (notification), and RDS (Relational Database Service). Learning of progressively unequivocal ones, for instance, one of the AWS IoT related organizations—is extra valuable.

6). Understanding the Cloud Structure- 1 month

As an AWS Solution Architect, most of your work will revolve around the cloud. It will help if you can form the very starting to have a good knowledge of the cloud system. For this, you can take special training from institutions like JanBask Training. With JanBask Training, you can get exceptional training right from the comfort of your home.

7). Understand the cloud-specific patterns and technologies- 15 days

The moment you move code into the cloud, a couple of rules change. Adaptability, availability, and recovery become basic—as long as you structure your residual jobs needing to be done and handle AWS establishment precisely.

Using messages, taking care of the state in the perfect spot, and managing dissatisfactions precisely is a noteworthy bit of making adaptable and insightful applications. Models, for instance, bar/sub, covering and conceivable consistency will empower you to make applications that can be scaled by making more instances of a comparative organization.

Over that, you'll need to pick between single applications to organizations or go serverless using AWS Lambda—all of which could give monetarily keen and performant game plans, dependent upon your needs.

Note: Every individual has different abilities. These timelines may vary depending upon your pre-existing knowledge and experience.

Few Expert Tips for AWS Solution Architect Certification

  • Take a gander at the test outline and test questions. You can discover those on the AWS site. For example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.
  • On a similar site page, you ought to have the option to find the suggested whitepapers for the test. Try not to skirt this! The whitepapers give a profound jump into the administrations you will be tried on for the test. They are a flat-out must!
  • If you are battling with a particular administration, investigate past AWS reinvent recordings. This turns out to be progressively significant for the claim to fame level certs or more. You can complement this with the official AWS Documentation.
  • A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy have incredible courses to enable you to prepare for any AWS certs. They additionally have profound jump courses for explicit administrations and are an incredible asset to get ready for taking your test on the off chance that you are tight on schedule.
  • Attend nearby AWS meetups. You should generally attempt to go to all sessions composed by your local Amazon Web Services User Group, and they will be very valuable, as you will get the chance to catch wind of genuine situations of AWS administrations that you would be reading for.
  • Prepare learning shares. Do this either by arranging a casual conversation in your working environment, neighborhood meetup, or essentially compose a blog entry. We have discovered that the ideal route for any learner to remember new ideas is to instruct them to another person.
  • And above all, get your hands messy! There is no preferred method to learn AWS over by utilizing it. Get a free record and exploit the Free Tier.

Action that you Should Take

Come on! Pull up your socks and enroll for online training in AWS principles. JanBask Training is providing very affordable training in AWS. Do not sit and let the others beat you down. Get up make a change starting today!

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