It’s easy to have big dreams and goals as a coach, to build a global profile and to have signifiant impact on a worldwide stage. There is nothing wrong with these goals, in fact I actively endorse them. However, many coaches fail to recognise the importance of becoming your “Neighbourhood’s Coach”. Let me explain to you what a neighbour coach is and let me provide three reasons as to why this will transform your business, enabling you to hit 6 Figures fast.

Most cities or suburbs have a local Mayor. The role and function of a Mayor is to oversee the city’s main departments including fire, police, education etc. Most cities have personal trainers, psychologist, councillors and coaches but not one city has an individual who is a trained coach who has made it their responsibility to ensure the health and wellbeing of their neighbourhood.

Coaches have a passion to change and transform lives in the most powerful way. Making a decision that you are going to be responsible for changing and transforming the lives of your community is extremely powerful. Becoming your neighbourhood’s coach will take you to six figures very quickly. Let me show you three reasons why:

Immediate Newspaper Coverage

The moment that you make a decision to become your neighbourhood’s coach you have the immediate ability to reach out to local media, which is guaranteed media coverage. You simply have to google local stats that relate to stress, mental health, finances, relationships in your local area and state within your contact to the journalist that you have made it your priority to change these figures.

For example, one of the top 5 causes of stress in my local area of Monash, Australia is “trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle”. Approaching the media on this basis I would state that I have taken the task on my self to show my local community how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve their stress levels and live a life that they love.

This is guaranteed media exposure on local TV, in newspapers and on radio.

2) Powerful JV opportunities

By making the statement that you are the neighbourhood coach you open up the opportunity for powerful Joint Ventures. On this basis you can make contact with local business owners, local doctors, local gyms in order to position yourself as the individual to go to as you have made it your role to play a significant impact in improving the lives of your community.

Examples could include working with a local popular healthy eating cafe to provide free sessions one afternoon per week or going into a local employer at lunch time to offer free sessions. In every case, after one session, the intent is to sell your coaching package.

3) Endless Leads

When you make a statement that you are going to go all out to transform the lives of those within your community doors open. All of a sudden you will find that you are invited to events, to businesses, to schools. You will be asked to run workshops, speak at the events of others and be invited to meet with key influences in your area. As a result, the leads will come.

Many coaches have a goal of impacting lives around the world and I love this, it’s what we help coaches do. However, every successful business started small and built their profile in a local area, mastered it, gained a reputation and then expanded - Uber did it, Groupon did it, even Facebook did it.

Let me challenge you, inspire you and urge you to consider becoming your neighbourhood coach and being a powerful role model in your local area as a result, hit six figures and then scale around the world from there.

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