If you are tired of carrying around excess belly fats everywhere you go and want a hot and sexy body like a fitness model, good news for you! There is actually a relatively fast way to achieve your goals. But first of all, you should understand some very basic principles of fitness and fat loss in particular.

First of all, sometimes, less gym sessions can actually yield you better results! It is true that you cannot lose weight without exercising or dieting at all. There will still have to be a change in lifestyle. However, there is actually no need for you to go for long gym sessions to lose weight. Did you know that going for long gym sessions can cause you to lose lean muscle mass and gain fats? This is because when you work out for over 45 minutes each time, your body will start getting over-stressed and produce more cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone which will cause you to accumulate more fats as well as burn away your muscle mass.

The best way to lose weight on auto-pilot mode will be to find ways to successfully increasing your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns fats and calories without you doing anything. If the amount of calories and fats burnt during your workout sessions can be as active income, the amount burnt due to your metabolic rate will be your passive income!

During a normal workout routine, you will only be able to burn a few hundred calories. However, if you were to be able to effectively increase your metabolic rate you will burn thousands of calories!

The following are three factors each and every single fat loss exercise routine should comprise of.

Firstly, the workout should be intense. You cannot simply perform a low intensity workout session and still expect to lose weight. That is just like working for one hour each week and magically expects to make a billion dollars.

Next of all, you should keep your exercise sessions short. When they are kept short, you will actually feel more motivated to perform them each time. If they are very long, not only will your body produce more cortisol, but you will also find it difficult to have the necessary motivation to even start your exercise session.

Finally, you should definitely be consistent with your efforts. Exercising intensely for only a week will result in nothing. It is consistent and hard work over time which guarantees you fat loss success.

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