Launching a direct mailing campaign? If your target market is in the San Antonio, Texas area, then it would be a great to partner with one of the locale’s direct mailing providers.

Choosing the right San Antonio direct mailing vendor can be a bit tricky but there are more urgent things that you should concern yourself first. And this is determining the response rate you should expect from your mailing campaign.

There are three elements that can help you determine the response you will get on a direct mailing campaign. These elements are:

1. Mailing list - The quality of your mailing list is an important factor in the success of your direct mailing efforts. How were you able to generate your list? Are those individuals the right target for your marketing message? Your audience is the most critical factor in getting a positive response rate. That is why it is important that you always maintain and update your list. Basically, there are three direct mailing lists that you can use:

- Customer lists: Generated from your own customer database, these individuals are the ones most likely to respond since they have already done business with your company and have tried your brand.

- Response Lists: This list is collated from individuals who have made some inquiry or responded regarding the goods or service you are selling. They may not be paying customers (yet) but they have shown interest in learning more about your offer.

- Compiled Lists: You should not be too hopeful with this type of list in terms of getting high response rates. Commonly purchased from vendors that provide data based on a set of customer profiles or demographics, compiled lists generally include people who may or may not be interested in your marketing message.

2. The message or how you communicate it – So, you have a highly targeted mailing list in your possession and you have a very enticing offer. But to be successful, your campaign still has to rely on your words and presentation. Your message should be short and direct to the point. Do not bore your audience with long sentences or too much product description. If you want to push your products, leave them a call to action to call you or visit your site.

3. Your offer – The important element in your direct mailing campaign is not the product or services, but what you are offering on the very moment your recipient opens your letter. Of course, you are showcasing what your company is selling but your direct mail message should call attention to your offer. This is the thing that will make the audience to respond. Whatever it is that you are offering – be it free shipping, a trial period, a rebate or any special promo – make it clear to your audience. Once they understand that there is something in it for them, people would want to hear more about you and they will send their response.

To guarantee the success of your campaign, make sure to find a reliable San Antonio direct mailing service provider. It wouldn’t hurt to get the services of professionals to guide you in the right direction.

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