The romance between Americans and automobiles is a well-known one. It is legendary in its consistency and dynamism.
With every passing decade, the equation has changed. SUVs have gained more traction. Coupes have had their day under the Sun, went out of fashion, and have returned once again, to quote just one example.

But some things do not change.

Consider the California-based automotive retailer, Audio City USA. They have been the center of attention of aftermarket wheel aficionados for over 3 decades now. And they are still going strong!

Whether you are looking for a set of high-performance Fuel rims (or any model from names like Enkei, Vision, Method, and American Racing Wheels), you will get anything you need at this particular outlet.

It would not be an overstatement to suggest that Audio City USA is one of the country’s most prolific retailers of quality off road wheels. Customers from across the 50 States visit the establishment in person or online to select the wheels they like.

One major factor which acts in Audio City USA’s favor is their reasonable rates which they offer throughout the year, 100% original products, low shipping costs, financing options, an awe-inspiring inventory of various types of superlative custom rims, and the sheer knowledge about rims and tires which the personnel at the outlet possess.
Good advice is hard to come by, but if you are purchasing your next set of the latest Fuel rims, you will get plenty of it at the outlet.

Besides, a new offer is currently on.

Buy a complete package of Fuel wheels and tires and you will get TPMS kits worth $150 completely free!
Considering that most Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors come for anything between $50-100, it’s a pretty neat deal.

What are Fuel Wheel’s latest models?

Fuel is a marquee brand owned by MHT Luxury Wheels. It was introduced in 2008 to cater to the growing number of people who needed better off-road wheels that were not just aggressive and sturdy but also catchy and (sometimes) so OTT they would turn heads wherever they went.

Like all other major manufacturers, Fuel Wheels upgrades its product range every year. 2022 has seen the launch of a few 2-piece wheels, and also some forged rims.

If you are looking for both strength and aesthetics, feel free to choose from any of the models mentioned here.
Fortazella FF112: The all-new FF112 is a forged aftermarket wheel and the latest member of the Fortazella family of Fuel rims which have been around for some years now. For now, only the chrome finished model is in stores.

This is a perfect example of why Fuel’s products are so popular among vehicle enthusiasts. It has a deep inner lip where the spokes (which are distributed in an abstract geometric fashion and look splendid, to put it mildly) are polished to a glittering finish and topped up by minutely machined details.

The FF112 is as nimble on your driveway as it is on the toughest of terrains. Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, the rims are sturdy and capable of bearing heavy loads, plus being super-sensitive to panic braking.

Of course, it is a pretty expensive model. But this is where retailers like Audio City USA come in.

If you are a bit short of funds, you can ask the customer representative about financing options. There are at least 3 channels open to you: a 90-day purchase option, lease-to-own programs, and instant credit via ‘Progressive Leasing’, with whom the facility has a longstanding partnership with.
Sift 115: The ‘Sift’ range of off-road wheels is Fuel’s homage to the classic, clean-cut rims of yore. They are usually available in sizes of 17-inches and above, and are ideal for high-speed vehicles- commercial or personal.
The specific model is still to make a splash in the market, and it will make one you’ll probably hear from anywhere in the country when its availability becomes less of a problem!
The Sift 115 is a work of art. With 6 spokes and a concave lip, the rim promises to better facilitate the heat generated when off-roading and when you have to hit the brakes in a huff.

Clearly, Fuel rims has designed the FF115 to compete with major names like American Racing Wheels and Enkei, among others. The company is also pretty well aware that retro styles are still ‘in’, and the FF115 is straight from the mid-1960s.
A time capsule, so to speak.

How do I get hold of these and more from Audio City USA?

It’s simple.
Visit their facility in La Puente, CA. It would be a great idea if you called them up on (888) 814-1158 in advance and booked an appointment.

If you plan to procure a set of the latest Fuel rims soon, you’ll also get high-quality TPMS worth $150 for free!
Else, you can always book your favorite set of aftermarket beauties from their website. Type in some data like your vehicle’s make and model, and the year of manufacture, and treat yourself to some of the best wheels available from all big brands.

Go ahead; spoil yourself!

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The romance between Americans and automobiles is a well-known one. It is legendary in its consistency and dynamism