Recent advances in science and technology have resulted in a new era of more targeted therapies for many diseases. These advances have materialized for patients, resulting is some truly transformative treatments, thanks to the talent and dedication of the life sciences community.

Meet one such life-science leader who has developed and commercialized six lifesaving paradigm-changing blockbuster medicines in cancer, ultra-rare disorders, and inflammation, and who has built four entrepreneurial organizations that created a major impact for both patients and investors. – Thomas A. Bock, MD, MBA, and CEO at Notable.

Inspired by his work, we at Insights Success a top business magazines had a conversation with Thomas to know more about his journey and how Notable is transforming the way cancer is treated.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Give us a brief overview of your position at the company, and your journey since inception.

Today, we are beginning to leverage Notable’s leadership in predictive technology to develop cancer treatments focused on individual patients who we know will respond to a specific treatment. My role is to drive our organization to a leading precision therapeutics company by creating a new class of precision medicines – predictive precision medicines.

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