Do you still love him? Are you still willing to give your relationship a second try? Will you be able to convince him to stay and tell him the words "love me again?"

Second chances especially when it comes to relationships can be hard. Contrary to the saying that love is sweeter the second time around, deciding to give a relationship another chance does not always provide the guarantee that the relationship will work out this time. However if you still love the guy an d willing to give it a try then there is nothing to lose. You can say "love me again" to your guy however you also have to be sure about how you feel. Do you still love him? Or are you just in love with the idea of love and so you refuse to let go? If you still love him and want to give the relationship another try, then the following tips can help you convince your guy to stay.

Tip #1: Show Your Mature Side: Most of the time, break-ups happen because of immaturity. You have to be mature in order to handle a relationship. If you are the whiny cry-baby type of person who whines with just about anything then its now time to stop being one. You have to develop maturity. If you cannot then you are not yet ready to be in a relationship. Even if you beg your guy and say "love me again" but you're not even making an effort to be a mature individual, then you will only be rejected.

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Tip #2: Learn to be Independent: Show your guy that you are one independent woman and can be counted on to take care of herself. Guys don't like clingy girls. If you can already show him that you can be independent if need be then you will earn his respect. And even if you don't say the words "love me again" to him, he will be the first one to tell you to give your relationship another try.

Tip #3: Refrain from Showing your Insecurities: Insecurities can ruin a relationship. Guys prefer girls who are more secure when it comes to their looks, their careers, and in other aspects. Insecurity can only lead to jealousy, which can then lead to misunderstandings. If you are one insecure girl, you will always suspect that your guy is seeing someone who's a lot prettier or smarter than you. Even if your guy assures you than you're the only one for him, you will not believe him because you are already blinded by your insecurities. Learn to see yourself as someone who can also be better in many ways. If you don't then you will only receive a negative response from your guy if you say the words "love me again" to him.

Tip #4: Live by your Promise: If you promise your guy that your relationship will be based on love, trust, and faithfulness then you have to do it. Thus if you say the words "love me again" to him and willing to treat your relationship as promised, he will then be able to give your relationship another try. He will also be able to give you another chance to fulfill your promise to make your relationship work out the second time around.

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Are you always falling for the wrong kind of guy and you need a true love calculator to help you sort out the losers from the potential Mr. Rights? Do you have a flawed sensed of judgment when it comes to men and you think a true love calculator could help you see more clearly? Have you wasted enough time on infatuations and childish crushes and you now want a true love calculator that will bring you to the real relationship you've been looking for?

It's a lot easier than most people think. Love, infatuation, a crush; our hearts flutter, our knees weaken and confusing one emotion for the other is almost guaranteed. Here are a few tricks to help you figure out whether you're just feeling the effects of his good looks or it's true love that's brewing in your heart with this true love calculator.

Love At First Sight

As often as this phrase is thrown around, you'd think it was pretty common to fall in love upon first seeing a man. But nine times out of ten, that love at first sight will turn out to be a mere crush, or, in most cases, a severe case of lust. Our eyes tell us so much and we're often quick to believe what our eyes are telling us.

He looks so good so he must be good. He has such a charming twinkle in his eye so he must like me. He has such a sincere smile, he must really mean it.

Before you go stating to your friends and family that you've met the love of your life, take a deep breath, take a good look, then take the time to find out more.


There's a reason why those quicky marriages end in divorce within months. Despite that charming twinkle and sincere smile, the guy she married turned out to be a jerk. It's imperative you get to know the guy and the unfortunate fact is that many women want to rush this process and simply get straight to the forming of a relationship.

In that rush, they ignore all the little things they don't like about the guy thinking that their attraction to the guy will be enough to get them through anything. It never, ever is!

It Takes Time

After one dinner you may feel that little something special. You like the way he talks to you. His personality is well suited to yours and he really has a vision of his future that marries well with yours. This is definitely a good start, but don't think it's enough to claim to have found your love.

Give yourself plenty of time to learn more about him. It's not a simple matter of learning basic facts about him, but it's realizing how you feel being around him. Don't just rely on those butterflies, however. Those can come about at the slightest provocation. A cute smile can do a lot to trick a girl.

What you want is to find that sense of comfort and ease. Being with him should be easy and fun, effortless. Many success pairs have even compared finding true love to finding that perfect puzzle piece to fit with the other.

Use this true love calculator to see where your relationship stands.

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Aside from unconditional love, what other things binds a couple together? When you tell someone you miss them, do you have the assurance that it will be appreciated by your special someone?

The truth is, unconditional love may seem like a far-fetched fantasy for a lot of people, but it actually acts like glue that keeps a relationship very successful. That's the secret of relationships in their early stages; the couples are undoubtedly very much in love with each other. Now, for a few lucky couples who have many years behind them, it's something that still exists - and that's why they enjoy a lasting marriage.

Unfortunately, not all relationships have unconditional love. When you tell someone you miss them, there's always the possibility that they may just overlook it - immediately go back to work or head for a week-long business trip, without seeing the need to spend time with you.

That's why couples try to learn from the mistakes of other couples, so they consciously attempt to their show their unconditional love to their partner or spouse. Why is it sometimes it is difficult to tell someone you miss them? Is it because feelings have somehow changed or somehow saying you miss them has become too monotonous? What are the things that make love unconditional?

• Interests bind a couple.

Common interests between couples make the relationship feel that it is in the earliest stages of marriage. The earliest years of marriage is when the couple feel so in love and this should be maintained by finding common interests between each other. Finding out new interests would also help improve a relationship that is on the verge of becoming boring. Making children a part of each other's activities will also add positive changes to the relationship. Not only will the couple bond with each other but also with their child or children.

• Give without expecting in return.

The most difficult thing to do in relationship is to give something without expecting anything in return, There are many failed relationships because one would think that he or she is always the one giving. Sometimes, there is some sort of blame when of them is always at the receiving end. To make the relationship last, it is always best to give and forget. By having this kind of attitude, you can really show to your loved one or partner that love can always be unconditional.

• Love a person because you want to and not because you have to.

A relationship will surely last long if you are not expecting too many things from your partner. When you love a person, you have to accept him or her for whatever reason. Love tends to be conditional when money is involved. Although it is true that money is a need, it must not be the center of the relationship, otherwise love becomes conditional and there are more expectations between the couple. It is best to show unconditional love - without asking for anything in return.

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