By now, you have probably explored and experienced many of the thousands of social networking sites that are available on the Internet. You probably have your favorites, the ones you use most often, and your theories about which ones might be helping you out the most or driving the most traffic to your site. Hopefully, all of this exploration and hard work has led you to higher traffic numbers and more profits for your blog or business site.

If you haven’t already done so, you should really be carefully considering MyBlogLog for your networking needs. As it turns out, MyBlogLog is an amazing way to increase your traffic and gain exposure for your blog. At first glance it seems much more simple than that, more of a central location for all of your blogging needs. But, once you get into using it, the real power becomes visible.

There are a few main reasons why MyBlogLog is such a powerful way to drive traffic to your site:

1. Visits that you make to other sites that are using MyBlogLog are recorded. Those bloggers are very likely to then visit your site and see what’s going on. Leaving a comment on another blog increases your chances of getting noticed even more.
2. MyBlogLog reports statistics to you, including numbers of visitors and where they came from. Finding the source of your traffic can be an important piece of information as you seek to find more and more traffic.
3. MyBlogLog tracks recent readers of your site. You will have a display of which users recently visited your site. From there, you will be able to click to view their sites and profiles (which they will then be notified of your visit) and you can leave comments and initiate conversations with them. This can increase your contacts and conversations very quickly and expand the web of communication.
4. By examining other sites, you can see what communities these people belong to. The more communities you join (you can sign up for 15 per day), the more people will be notified of your comings and goings on other blogs. The more visible you are, the more interest you will draw from other bloggers.
5. The most active members are featured on the home page of MyBlogLog as Hot Members. This day-long distinction will drive heaps of traffic to your site—with 300,000 active MyBlogLog members that provide 22 million visits per day, even a small slice of that pie is tasty.

The ability to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site once you begin using MyBlogLog is powerful. Your Internet exposure and visibility will be magnified through this clever social marketing strategy. When it first arrived on the scene back in 2007, it didn’t seem like users realized the potential of this type of marketing plan, but as time goes on, it is certainly obvious to the many, many satisfied and successful users of MyBlogLog. What other secrets have you uncovered that are worthy of sharing?

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Jack Humphrey is the author of The Authority Black Book and the editor of the Friday Traffic Report at Join Jack's social marketing community.

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