One of the best ways to lighten up a party and entertain the guests is to hire a bouncy castle. If you plan to throw a kids’ party, then you should have ‘hiring a bouncy castle’ on your list. But you might get so busy that you forget certain aspects while hiring this essential element in the party.
So, the following are the things you need to remember when you hire a bouncy castle.

1. The size of the bouncy castle determines children’s comfort.

You need to get a bouncy castle in Auckland perfect as per the children’s weight, and height or no one will try to play on it. If the castle is too large, it will consume considerable space in your party venue, and your guests won’t be able to roam around. If you buy the smallest version, then the kids might not be able to handle it. So, ask the supplier and pick up a perfect one that suits the children’s requirements.

2. Bouncy castles are also for adults.

One of the things that people tend to ignore that bouncy castles are meant for adult entertainment too. These are not limited to kids’ usage. But ensure that you hire the castle from the right supplier who provides these fun elements to adults. You have to confirm with the supplier beforehand. If there are certain instructions to be followed, you can convey the same to the adults attending your party.

3. Fix a suitable place at the venue for the bouncy castle.

People are well-versed in party organizing, and they go for bouncy castles, but they do not assign a space to it. They assume that it will fit anywhere at the venue, and guests will have a lot of fun. But if you don’t know where to install the castle, you might be ruining the entire party. The bouncy castle dealer will cooperate with you and you have to make a joint decision about the place where it needs to be installed. Ensure that the place you choose is convenient and does not create a hurdle for the guests or the kids to play.

3. Choose a castle that aligns with the party theme.

The best thing about bouncy castles is that they are available in varieties and suit any party theme. When you have a specific theme for the event, you ought to follow it while hiring the castle, or both the elements might clash with each other. Some dealers do have universal castles that suit any theme, but we will suggest opting for the former to create more vibrance and fun.
Conclusively, hiring bouncy castles is not challenging, but it is indeed a tricky thing to do. But you can make it simpler with the above tips.

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