The comfort of coming home and taking off your shoes is absolute bliss. To be able to slip your feet in a pair of slippers feels like heaven after working all day. At times shoes can be uncomfortable and hard on the feet. Long working hours and standing for a long duration can cause shoe bites and discomfort. Our feet need rest too, and slippers are the best way to provide that.

It's no secret that slippers are the comfiest footwear as compared to other shoes. Moreover, slippers have health benefits too. A little unknown fact about them is that they also protect feet from catching foot diseases. The right pair can help in the flow of blood circulation in our legs as they do not bind the feet. It is why buying the perfect pair is very crucial. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while shopping for them.

Tips for choosing the right slippers -

1. Size

While buying footwear, the most integral factor to consider is size. Wrong sized shoes can cause pain and shoe bites. Therefore, it is important to take the proper measurement of your feet beforehand to purchase the right footwear. Although, it may feel tempting to opt for a larger size in slippers for comfort. However, that is not a great idea as they can increase the chances of getting hurt by slipping or falling. The key to well-fitted footwear is knowing the measurement of your feet. It would help in selecting the right sized slippers.

2. Material

Before looking at options, the material of the slippers is a key factor to consider. Nowadays, they come in various options, from leather to cotton. One thing to remember is to always prefer softer materials as they will be comfortable. The best material to buy is leather as they are durable and provide space for feet to breathe. While cotton and suede are good options, just ensure to not go out while wearing suede as they aren't made for rough surfaces and wet roads. For winter weather, wool slippers are perfect as they keep the feet warm and cosy.

3. Quality

While investing in footwear, make sure to buy good quality products. Easily breakable or worn-out slippers won't make the best buy. Instead, go for the ones which are durable enough to handle daily wear and tear. Handmade slippers are better and long-lasting. While purchasing online, read the product description and ratings before purchasing. Good quality footwear is better than purchasing slippers again and again.

4. Style

Once the above-mentioned points are considered, the final step is to choose the style you like. There are a variety of designs and colours available in the stores. While buying footwear it's important to purchase a pair that feels good to you. With options ranging from sliders to flip flops opt for the one to your liking. There are a plethora of options available in online stores. Top footwear brands in India such as Relaxo footwear offer quality and style available in all sizes.


After considering these basic tips, more questions might arise in your head. It can be related to price, colour or the design of the slippers. However, the most important thing at the end of the day is to feel relaxed in your new pair of footwear. That’s why comfort should be the priority while purchasing slippers for both men and women both.

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