Vaporizers have truly revolutionized the way of smoking in our times and age. With less smoke and no ash with just the substance that you want to vape, it looks too good to be true an experience for any smoker. The vaporizers are being constantly updated by the manufacturers according to the needs and feedback of regular smokers. The vaporizers are truly pushing the envelope of smoking in technology.

Vaping is a science! Ever wondered why one device gives out a better flavour than another or why flavour of the same substance varies in different devices. Told you it is a science. Chemical science where you heat the substance in different temperatures with different kinds of wicks and varied airflow.

Here are the things that make for a good flavour


The amount of air coming out of your atomizer is hitting your coil. Irrespective of the type of device you have, if any airflow is missed by the coil the flavour varies. Putting a coil near to the airflow slot will surely help. Any device that fulfils the condition will express amazing flavour.


The very first requirement of a good device is that it has adjustable temperature and voltage settings. If we want to get the best flavour out of weed vape liquid or any e juice for that matter we would need to have the perfect temperature for the different elements within the substance to vaporize. Each element will have a different vaporizing temperature depending on its chemical composition. I would advise you to work up from the lowest temperature to find that sweet spot where you get your perfect flavour.


As far as the vape liquids are concerned we are spoilt for choices. Try as many flavours as you want to get the flavour that hits you the most, in case you are not looking for anything particular.
Store the vaping liquid in cool and dark places so that it does not lose its essential flavour over time. Temperature and light can immensely degrade the flavour of your vaping juice. Try to use vaping liquids with a PG/VG ratio, where the VG ratio does not exceed 50 per cent mark within the liquid. Vaping liquids with a higher VG ratio do not give the perfect flavour.


The kind of wick that your device possesses also plays a large role in the kind of flavour you ultimately get. Silica has been a favourite with the manufacturing companies. It is known to block the flavours of your favourite vaping liquids now. Organic cotton has taken its place because of its property to enhance the flavours of our vaping juice.


It goes without saying that you should clean your stuff regularly. Hygiene is not our concern here, flavour is. A device that is clean will emit an original flavour without the interference of any dirt. Cleaning a device will unclog any aperture that was blocking any flavours otherwise.

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