Buying the first kayak can be a tricky affair! Here is a guideline that may aid the crowd in choosing the best fishing kayak under 500. The range of kayak is quite vast, varying undeniably on the purpose they are to be used on. This article helps in the choice of the best kayak for the purpose of fishing. There are basically three traits a kayak must possess, irrespective of the budget and purpose it is going to fulfill. Firstly, the kayak must come with all the rowing accessories complementary, else buying the accessories partly may be uneconomical in the long run.

The second trait is comfort ability. Kayak usage is no more primitive and is mainly used for recreation, thus demanding comfort at the very first stage- for both short and tall people. The mobility of the kayak is the third most important characteristic of a kayak. It must be able to take sharp turns with minimum effort of the rowers, and must navigate well in both in all kinds of water bodies- River, sea, lake. The transition zone of two water bodies too must not result in any heavy turbulence in the kayak.

The first competitor in the list is Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak. Being a kayak on the heavier side in the weight category, it is a very stable one that comes with adjustable base seats, making it very comfortable for kayakers of any height. Taller people are to have their legs folded up to an angle to fit in and out of this piece. Paddling accessories are absent for this product, bringing a huge drawback to this kayak. Many buyers would reject this one due to the extra spending on the paddlers. It also consists of a waterproof electronic storage drawer.

Discussing stable boats, Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak is another beast in the wish list of kayakers. It suits better to turbulence than the Aruba by a unit difference. This kayak lacks in the area of high velocity or handling, but is optimum for solo travelers being a light weight kayak with large cockpit openings. The Zydeco’s cockpit can support taller people unlike the Aruba. With adjustable seat bases and the feature of dual padding- thigh and knee, the Zydeco is a must consider kayak in the list.

Perception Sound 10.5 Kayak comes third in the list of the buyers with budget of 500$. The features of this kayak are more or less identical to that of the Zydeco. The feature that lets Perception cut the edge is the stabilized body. The whole frame is a one piece product, without any joining of parts, which takes the durability factor unmatchable. The mono fame body also has another advantage of neglecting resistance to the moving water. This kayak comes with additional features to the fishermen specifically, such as the easily reachable large storage compartment.

The Perception Pescador 10.0 Kayak allows one to sit on top of it, requiring extra balance to travel. Paddles do not come free with this kayak. The huge weight of this enhances the balance and acceleration power but needs trained skill to travel by it. The other specifications are the adjustable knee and thigh pads, comfort and great handling ability. The Sevelor Colorado 2 person Kayak comes with a two seater capacity with excellent features of storage, handling and comfort. This kayak is a bit expensive but covers all aspects and is most friendly with all kinds of water bodies. So here we can conclude that kayak is the best possible way available for travelling and exploration of river.

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