Nothing goes right for a smartphone when its speaker goes for a toss!!! Moreover, it can happen to phones of any brand including the likes from brands like Samsung. Both the Android phones and the iPhones rely on their speakers immensely and thus, when the speakers go for a toss, the mute smartphones indeed become a source of annoyance and frustration. 

Fret not, when your Samsung smartphone speaker meets with such an ill fate. There are several highly reputed companies that carry out Samsung phone repairs in Wollongong. However, the question is, when you need to take your phone to these companies. Well, once it becomes hard for you to listen, you can carry some elementary troubleshooting before you can take your phone to the techies. 

Checking the Software

At times, software issues are behind malfunctioning speakers. It might be that because of the software issues, the phone is transmitting wrong signals over to the speaker and thus, it is stopping the speaker from working. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Operating System, to see if it works. 

See if the Silent Tab is Working 

At times, due to software issues, or some other reason, the silent tab gets deactivated and you are unable to increase or decrease the volume of the speaker. This is at times a major cause behind a malfunctioning speaker. So see, if you can decrease and increase the volume by using the tab. If not, you need to take your phone to the repair centre to have the glitch fixed. 

Checking the Headphone Mode

At times, the phone, due to a technical glitch fails to come out of the headphone mode. See if the case. Try to fix it by performing power drainage or by simply switching off and on. If the issue still persists, then it is time for you to take the phone to a reputed company that does mobile phone repairs in Wollongong or any place depending upon where you stay. 

Restoration of the Phone 

This happens to be the most effective way of ensuring whether the speakers have really gone for a toss or not. In fact, this should be considered as the very last resort. You need to back up the content of your mobile and then restore the gadget to its factory settings. Once done then reload the content afresh. This will tell you immediately, whether you have any issues with the speaker. If not, this will resolve the issue and if yes, there is no prize in guessing that the problem will continue to bother you. 

What if, Even Restoration Does Not Solve the Issue? 

If you still cannot listen to anything through the speaker, that means the speaker is dead! This may happen quite often, as it is the most sensitive and fragile components of your phone. These speakers actually work by generating sound waves, by vibrating a tiny component that is made of metal, which is analogous to the three tiny bones of the human ear – stapes, malleus, and incus. If that piece of metal is damaged the sound will not work as the vibration will not take place. 

Thus, then you do not have any avenue than taking your phone to a repair company. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a company that carries out our Samsung mobile phone repairs in Wollongong. The author is also a technician and a regular blogger.