Timber is one of the most popular and eco-friendly wood products present on the earth. Timber is the most sustainable and best building product. Timber is a renewable source and necessary material for building in the UK. The UK imports more than 97% of Timber to all over Europe. The government proposes various laws such as verification and certification of timber or timber merchant to make sure that the quality of wood is high. These laws also involve that the sourced timber is a renewable resource.

Two common types of timbers are:
1. Hardwood Timber: It has a complex structure with pores. The expected life span of hardwood timber lasts up to 50 years. They are more durable and hard, which makes it popular for hardwood decking.
2. Softwood Timber: Softwood Timber is used for Softwood decking and has a lifespan of up to 15 years only. Softwood decking is prevented before use because it not only makes softwood timber safe only for use but also it improves its durability. The preventive material is used on softwood timber for water protection. It is very popular because it is cost-effective.

Timber Merchants in the United Kingdom have made it simple and easier to buy the Timber. Earlier, buying Timber was nothing more than buying a lottery ticket. If you were lucky enough, you would not find any defect in your Timber and easily use it; if not, you had to leave with a huge quantity of defected Timber. However, now it’s quite easy to purchase high-quality Timber with no visible defect.

But few things must be kept in mind before selecting a particular timber for your requirements such as:
·Timber Strength
It may be surprising that the use of timber calls varies for different types of timbers. There are various types of timbers, and the most common property that is considered for Timber is the strength. To ensure the hardness of the Timber or strength, timber grading is a must.
·Timber Grading
It is used to reduce the cost of building by preventing over-specification. This can be done in two ways: visually and by machine. The preferable method used by merchants is with machines to make sure the Timber is according to the requirement of clients.
·Visual Grading
Long time market experience makes a merchant the most suitable candidate for grading Timber visually. This required an expert grader with great experience because it required various factors to grad timber.
·Machine Grading
Machine grading is used for a large volume of timber purchasing because it will be hard for graders to grad visually. Machine grader makes it easy and quick to grade different kinds of timbers.This process is best for the requirement of small cut pieces and regarding each cut piece. The machine grades each part of the Timber and puts an appropriate stamp.
·Timber Species
Like timber strength matters, timber species is also important. The quality selection of Timber directly depends on the tree species from which Timber is collected. Since Timber collected from low-grade tree species may be preferred as high grade in its own kind of tree species. Merchants categories timber to make it easy to choose: for softwood C14 to C50 and hardwood D30 to D70. A higher number is considered stronger.

Keep these things in mind, you can build your dream deck or timber products in no time with high quality of Timber. Of course, you must consider the cost before choosing Timber according to the budget. The most suggested option for cost-effective material is softwood timber. With these tips, you will be able to find perfect Timber from certified Timber merchants. You can choose the best quality of timber as per your requirement with the help of experienced merchants.

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