So you decided to spend some time with your family by going to a restaurant? And to prevent distractions and keep it personal you decided to book an Indian private room in NYC at that fancy restaurant your partner has been nagging you about? A private room can give your family privacy from prying eyes and is a good way to spend the night away from all the stress of your daily routine. But it can be a source of more stress if you don’t take the proper precautions. To prevent your evening from turning dull, you should keep the following points in mind before you make your reservations:

Extra Costs

Reserving an Indian private room in NYC is in itself a costly affair. After all, private rooms are considered a luxurious commodity at fine-end restaurants meant to give guests some personal space. And if booking a table can be costly you can be sure that a private room will cost more. Other than the obvious costs, you need to consider tipping costs. This differs from place to place and one can never be sure if they are tipping enough. You can ask friends or people on online forums who visited the place, how much do they tip the waiter. A restaurant with a no-tipping policy would be good for your budget.


This is the most obvious one. The whole point of going to a restaurant is eating some good cuisine. Most restaurants have a fixed menu to help them keep up with the crowd. You should ask them if they can let you choose dishes beforehand so that you don’t get blindsided by the kids asking for that extra costly dessert. If your family members follow some dietary restrictions like a vegan diet or a gluten-free diet, ask the managers if they accommodate such restrictions beforehand.


A lot of restaurants require you to pre-book their rooms because of the high demand for them. Many rooms are not available for days. It can be a real problem during the holidays. You should check the outlet’s site or get in touch with the management so that you can plan your evening accordingly and not have to wait for the room to be free while other customers around you have a good meal.


You would obviously want something close to your home if you are just going out with your family. If you are inviting guests who live at the other end of your city, you need to choose a spot somewhere in between that’s close to you and to them. Also, check if the branch is close to public transport and main roads to make traveling easier.

Floor Level

Normally, it doesn't matter where the private rooms are unless they are in the basement. If the basement is not properly lit and ventilated, the room can feel dark and cramped so make sure the floor is well lit and ventilated.


A pleasant ambiance is necessary for a pleasant evening. Most restaurants try to match their ambiance with the cuisine they serve. Some themed restaurants may go for special themes like pop culture or the ‘70s. The ambiance mostly depends on the decoration, lighting, uniforms and background music. When you choose a restaurant, be sure to check their themes.


The room you choose needs to be spacious enough to move around. The table and chairs shouldn’t get in your way. The table should have enough space for the dishes and your legs so that you don’t hit them every time you get up.

Room Structure

Many private rooms are just tables surrounded by flat boards, which unless soundproofed won’t do much for noise. Also, if there’s a wine cellar nearby there’s bound to be a lot of activity if customers are allowed to access it. A bar or kitchen nearby could be an experience or a nuisance depending on your preference.

These are some factors you need to consider before reserving a room at a restaurant.

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