Commercial printing may seem like it is not for everyone but in reality when you know a few things about it, you will know that it’s not that difficult and you can easily get through it. Meet up with any commercial printing company and see how they respond to you.

1. How much are your prints?
The first thing you need to ask and the first thing you need to compare with other printers. Weigh everything and make sure that you are comparing same print methods, types and volumes.

2. Do you give discounts? Or do you have promos?
You can either start searching before you talk to them online (or search on magazines or newspapers) for coupons and promos or you can just ask them directly if they do. When you haggle for the price, remember to be as reasonable as possible, they are on business to and just can’t give their services for free.

3. How do I make the designs?
If they are professional enough, they will start giving you tips on where to create your designs (design programs to use like photoshop or illustrator) and how to go about it.

4. Are your prints lasting? Are there ways to protect the prints?
Naturally they have to say yes and let you know how they make it last. The best answer to that are paper stocks which could either be glossy or matte. Should they explain more and give you further options the better.

5. Are there other options available from what is in the website?

6. Do you do custom printing?
If they say they don’t, leave. All printers should have custom printing and let their clients choose their preferred colors, design, cut or fold etc. they should let you customize therefore if they say they don’t then that printer probably just wants to create uniformed prints for all clients which is definitely not worth your time.

7. Do you print and ship on time?
They must deliver your prints on time with no excuses whatsoever.

8. Are all your prints of good quality?
You know the answer to this. It should be of good quality. All prints from first page to the end should be clean and perfect as discussed. All cuts and folds should be in the right places, stitches for binding should be properly secured and all edges are clean.

9. Do you respond to requests or questions even after the sale?
A professional printer will always respond to any customer even after the sale and even if you are in a not so good mood to communicate. Although they may say yes to this, you may want to ask old clients about this to be sure.

10. Do I need to make sure of doing anything with my art before I submit them to you?
They should remind you to save your files into their suggested file types which are mostly pdf or jpg. Font files should also be embedded on your art file so make sure do it even if your printers do not ask.

Do not be shy; you need to ask a lot of things to make sure you will be getting the right commercial printing company for the job. It is important to make everything done well so when you pick the right printer you will be picking the right commercial printing service too.

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