Hebrew is the language of the Bible and it has been there ever since the early 20th century. It is one of the modern languages spoken in Israel. If you are planning to learn Hebrew, let us go through a few important things that will make the process easy for you.

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●Hebrew is related to Aramaic and Arabic and its original version did not have vowels

Hebrew is a Semitic language, just like Arabic and Aramaic and similar to the several other ancient languages, it doesn't have vowels in it. However, sometimes between the beginning and middle of the first Millenium, the system of dashes and dots demonstrates the pronunciation of words. Traditional Hebrew writings still don't contain vowels.

●The Alphabet has 22 Letters

There are a total of 22 alphabets in the Hebrew language. The alphabet is generally referred to as the aleph-bet in Hebrew. In addition to the alphabets, the language includes five final letters as well. It includes mem, khaf, pey, nun, and tzade. These are generally the last letters of the word and are written differently.

●Hebrew dates back to Second Millenium BCE

The initial Hebrew texts date from the end of the second millennium BCE. It was earlier employed as a language that is both spoken and written, until the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE. After this, the language was primarily used as a liturgical and literary language.

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●Hebrew was considered as the language of God and Angels

Since Hebrew is a language of sacred texts, the language was considered sacred very often. In biblical times, it was considered a holy language. As per the rabbinic tradition, Hebrew was considered as a language of Humanity. It was also thought of as a tool that God used to create the world.

●Not all important Hewish texts are in Hebrew

The bible is written in Hebrew, as is the Mishnah, the corpus of Jewish Law edited during the third and second century CE. The literature of medieval Jewish is written in a combination of Aramaic and Hebrew. Journals, literature and newspapers were all written in Hebrew, however, a lot of problems were faced while adapting to the language. For more details visit at :https://www.easylearnhebrew.com/

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