It has by now been drummed into us that vaping is very much safer than smoking, but there can still be dangers attached if you don’t use your e device correctly.

If you don’t handle vaping kit and e liquid UK the right way you device could still go up in smoke, pardon the pun, and if you spill certain juices on your skin you could also come a cropper.

It has to be said that e juices without nicotine in it are not dangerous at all when spilled on the skin. It is the nicotine you may add to them that could be problematic. A little spill will do you no harm, but a larger spill can lead to green tobacco sickness.

When this happens you will have absorbed too much of it through the skin. If you have spilled some on yourself you should wash it off immediately.

It is not likely that you suffer great harm, but you could suffer nausea and headaches. If you wash it off, you need to know that this liquid is water soluble and it will just disappear.

Because vaping has become increasingly popular you need to know what can happen if you don’t use your device correctly.
If you do not maintain it regular it could explode, but it has to be said that this occurrence is very rare. You will also make sure that the batteries are not damaged. Explosions do happen if your batteries are past their best. Yu need to change them from time to time, especially if the skin seems to have worn off.

It is a big no-no to charge your vaping device during the night when you can’t see that something is going wrong. You will also have to make sure that you use the right batteries and manufacturers will recommend the right ones.
It is not that the pen itself explodes, but the batteries within if they have to expel too much energy. You need to ask your provider about safe vaping.

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