A knife is the most useful tool used in our daily life. This is why everyone should know something about how to use that or how to choose and take care of this very essential tool which will surely make your cooking experience easier than before.

So here I am explaining something new about using your knife properly.

Sharp Knife causes less cut:
When a knife is sharp it needs less force to cut through. Due to the fact you will cut yourself less. Besides blunt knife is scary and you need to put lots of pressure to cut through anything which is risky obviously as well as you can’t properly finish your work with it. You can know more about knives at Kitchengeeky.

So this will be wise to use the right tool in the right way. In a nutshell, use the sharp knife to do things easily.

Learn proper cutting techniques:
For cooking in a better way at first you need to cut your food properly. And if you want to have the best feedback from knives whatever you are using, you must need to learn the proper cutting technique which might help you to become an expert in the kitchen and brings the result with delicious dishes you will make.

Choose the right knife that helps in your cooking:
The best knife for a person may not be the best knife for you. You should choose the knife which fits in your hand perfectly when you hold it as well as it is comfortable. Every time you will check these before buying a knife.
Moreover, you must need to pick the right knife for the task you are going to perform. If you want to slice vegetables with brisket knife then it is not the right way, you should use the chef’s knife. Also, use a brisket knife for slicing brisket. So you need to learn which knife is used for which purposes.

Don’t use your kitchen knife to do other things:
Always remember one thing; never use your kitchen knives for doing some other staff. It is a general rule, “If u could not bite it into your teeth then you should not touch it with your kitchen knives”.

Never use steak knife for food preparation:
Never use a steak knife preparing your food. Apart from this, use a chef’s knife or paring knife. It would be better if you can have the chef knife sets or total knife blocks as it will make your cooking experience fun.

Serrated knife is not a saw:
A serrated knife is very useful as well as easy to slice away almost everything with a single draw. So you don’t need to use that in the way of using a saw.

Cutting board materials is important:
Using a cutting board is a good approach for cutting down the foods. But it really matters which one you are using. Wooden or plastic cutting boards are better for anyone in my perspective. The reason behind it is these don’t cause harm to knives. On the other hand, if you use harder boards like glass, stone, steel or metal cutting boards, it surely will destroy your knives. That’s why using wooden or plastic cutting boards is a wise decision to get good feedback from your knives.

Keep the cutting area clean:
Before chopping your vegetables or foods, you must need to clean the area of the cutting board. You shouldn’t place any other item on the board instead of the food you are going to cut.

Never toss knives in a sink:
If u put the sharp knife in a sink, there will be soapy water and your hand must be unsuspecting, so it will give nasty surprise at any moment. Clean your knives after using it and keep it in the knife case or drawer. Also, it is a good way to keep your knife sharp.

Don’t use the blade for corralling:
I have seen many people using the blade to corral the food form the side of the cutting board which is very wrong. I will suggest you not to do this. Avoid using the blade of the knife to sweep things from the edge of the board as it will damage the sharpness of the blade due to the friction with the board.

I guess these tips help you to use your knife more efficiently than before. Happy cooking!!!!

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