CrossFit gear is crucial. The shoes, socks, short and shirt all have an impact. The shorts give you ample comfort, flexibility, and that little edge. Working out, your legs and waist are going to move and bend a lot and you want to be able to move easily. These shorts offer you just that.

Here are some of the best CrossFit shorts for men and women that are set to enhance your performance at the gym.

Men CrossFit Shorts

Below are some of the best in the market:

• Rogue Fight Shorts
These shorts are popular because of the 2-way stretch polyester fabric. Although only available in black, it is perfect because it does not hold sweat and it has side slits for maximum flexibility. They are very light and hence they do not hinder movement.

• Rebook Board Shorts
Coming with an anti-microbial inner brief, Rebook is one of the best because it has a bonded gusset that allows unlimited movement. It has an elastic waistband that keeps the shorts in place and available in great designs too.

• Hybrid Training Shorts
These CrossFit shorts provide great mobility as they are made with 4-way stretch fabric. These shorts will give you the freedom to move as you please during your workouts. Hybrid shorts also have an amazing compression waist-tightening feature that takes away that uncomfortable feeling that your shorts are coming down. The shorts also have adequate external pockets that can hold your mp3 player and you can enjoy some music as you work out.

Women CrossFit Shorts
For women, it is important to find shorts that offer flexibility around the hip area. The shorts should also be very comfortable and not restrain your workouts in any way. You would also want stylish shorts for that feminine edge.

Here are some of the best varieties available in the market:

• UN92 WC14

These shorts have an amazing colorful look that any woman would love. They also have a 3-inch inseam that provides remarkable coziness. Also made from 4-way stretch materials, the shorts offer unrestricted movement and a stretch draw chord that keeps them in place. At the back of the waistband is an invisible zipper with ample space for a key pocket. The breathable fabric ensures that you do not heat up too much.

• Women’s Performance Shorts

These shorts have a slope seam that helps with mobility. On the right leg is a pocket that you can keep things like your keys or phone. The fabric is very light too to ensure that you have a very dry workout. They are also very eye-catching making you look great.
By acquiring any f the above mentioned CrossFit shorts, you can be assured that your exercise will be worthwhile and comfortable.

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