Diseases like diabetes and thyroid cause swelling in the legs, The use of some other things besides lipid herbs is also beneficial.
Most people have diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid keep swelling in their legs. On the other hand, the feet also grow up and the pain starts to hang from the feet for a long time. To avoid this problem, some home remedies prove to be very effective. So what are those things that come to know?
1. The best and easiest recipe to reduce the swelling of pans is the use of rock salt. Because there are crystals of hydrated magnesium sulfate in it. It helps in fixing inflammation of the muscles. It gets relief by dissolving it in water and keeping feet for 15 minutes.
2. An herb named Symparin is also a good way to remove the swelling of the feet. The high volume of antioxidants present in it reduces muscle strain. It is good to have honey with it.
3. A mod is also a good way to remove the inflammation of the feet. It removes frozen extra fluid in the body. It eliminates inflammation of the feet. It is good to drink and drink tea for its use.
4. Leaflets contain anti-inflammatory properties. This also proves to be effective in removing the inflammation of the feet. To use it, keep the cabbage in the fridge and cool it. Now wrap it like a bandage in the legs. Now about half an hour later, open the straps. This will remove inflammation.
5. Ginger oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve sweating and pain. It cures blood flow. This will solve the problem.
6. Massaging the feet by massaging the olive oil, cinnamon, milk, and lemon juice, and even massage the feet, also reduces inflammation. These 10 home remedies will give you the freedom of hair loss;
7. If there is swelling in the legs due to running, cut the cucumber into pieces and put it on the feet. Because there are plenty of anti-oxidants in it. That's why they help to heal tissue.
8. To get rid of the swelling of the legs, immerse the feet by putting some alum in warm water. With this, blood circulation will be fine.
9. Mixing the baking soda with rice water, it removes muscle strain by doing massage of feet. This also helps in reducing inflammation.
10. It is good to have a message with clove oil to remove swelling of the pans. This also reduces pain.

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