Clarity is the ability to see reality from many perspectives. Reality becomes single-minded when one views everything from just their perspective.

One’s perspective is the very truth one holds about self and all that self has experienced in this lifetime. Every perspective is unique even though a perspective can be shared and agreed upon among others that support similar thinking. WE say “similar” as even though some elements may be the same, the whole could never be the same. There will always be differences due to the uniqueness of one’s personal truths.

Another person’s perspective is there for you to consider like everything else that you experience. It is there for you to state your preference and include it as a truth in your own perspective. Whether you agree with the other perspective or not, you will, from your own perspective, choose whether or not it fits into your thinking. Whatever you choose will become your truth. This truth will stand alongside every other truth that you have, by free will, chosen. You will choose your next belief based on all the others that you have collected by way of your personal experiences along your journey of being physical.

How to live life is a perspective, a very personal perspective, and as you know there are many opinions (personal truths) on just how one should live their life.
Through living your life and viewing the contrast it has to offer, you have chosen your path forward many times. Each time you have chosen to live your life the best way you knew how, you chose out of the contrast of your past. It is for this reason WE keep saying, “Don’t beat yourself up so much for mistakes you have made in the past.” These so-called mistakes are your perspective in hindsight, and at the time you first chose to live life in a certain way, YOU at the time, felt it was your best choice. You made that choice considering all the aspects of your past truths. This means that at the time you made the choice, it was not a mistake. It was what you thought, from your perspective at that time, would move you in the direction you wanted to go.

When you beat yourself up over a past mistake, you keep yourself entangled in the past truths. Past truths are just that; they are in the past. They are based on experiences that you have already had, and it is strange that you would spend so much time in regret of the past when you are in the now, and need to be making NEW choices. You forget sometimes that you are an evolving being, so by law you cannot stay in the past. That will just make you feel immobilized, and because you are an evolving being, when you do not progress, you feel depressed.

Many of you wait until you are in the state of depression before you decide that you must make a new choice allowing yourself to evolve once again. As your development continues, you begin to feel joy re-enter your being and you say to yourself, “That was a good choice; I feel better now.”

What we have described to you here is something that is very true and something that you can never escape, even in death. We have shown you here that your true nature makes you ETERNAL.

Being eternal is a GREAT thing, for you can NEVER really get anything wrong. When you look back and say a decision was wrong, you are merely looking at it from your current perspective, which may have changed greatly from when you made that decision. From what WE have told you about how you evolve, you know that you will in the future, hold another perspective and view EVERYTHING from that new, most exciting point of view. It is exciting for you are an explorer of experiences, and you know more than anyone outside of you that you WANT MORE.

Some of you have found that many times LESS is MORE. You are an eternal being seeking to become more, and THAT is part of your being here. It is the root of your intention, your purpose.

Your Eyes
Based on what you observe physically with your eyes, many of you may say, “What I see is the truth!” This statement cannot be true as you yourself have found out by experience that truths can change the moment you look at them differently. This brings us back to perspective since when you view something with your eyes, you again filter the images against the perspective you hold about self. Your mind has the ability to scan the accumulation of all your experiences in a single moment, and this results in you making a new choice about what you observe and adding it to your own belief system.

Your eyes are a gift, and when you begin to view all that is presented to you with an open mind, allowing all to have their own perspectives, then you yourself become untangled from the perspectives that others hold. This will free you in many ways when you decide to make the next choice about self.

There are insights to be gained when being the observer of others, yet there is true freedom when you can do this without becoming emotionally or physically entangled in the perspectives others hold. You free yourself by allowing others to choose their own path just as you are choosing yours. You are not here to agree with everyone, and everyone will never agree with you. With that in mind, do you not think it would be logical to just ALLOW the other and be free yourself to choose?

One of the reasons you “see” is because this is an action-based universe. Everything is in motion and this physical field is a way to view it with the gift of sight. Even that which seems very still is in motion and because everything is in motion, it is all vibrating, and vibration is the universal language. It is the sight that “One” has. YOU are an individual part within the whole, in motion, vibrating. What a wonderful thing. YES, INDEED.

The next time you look at the world, perceive it as working with you as that is truly what it is doing. Your task is always to look at the contrast the world offers and state your preference about what is it you want to include and what would serve you better to exclude. In this manner you form another truth and evolve. This is life, and life is what you make it.

If you do not like what you have created in your life to date, then make a new choice about what you would prefer. Keep your attention on that preference, vibrating it so all that is vibrating with you responds accordingly. Have you not noticed that when you make these life choices, situations that were not pleasing to you disappear from your existence? The more you evolve the less of the “old” you exists since your evolution inspires you to a new, and more importantly, better state of joy.

You use your eyes very well when you are in the creative state of evolving self since when you are in this mode, your eyes are very focused on looking at what you want or what can be included for your inspired intention. It is when you are not in this mode that your eyes become somewhat of a detriment to your attraction process as you tend to keep your focus on all that displeases you. That, as you know, leads to depression and ultimately to the next choice you need, and at that point, have to make.

Everything that is in your field of vision is by agreement given an emotional reading to the subject of your attention through sight. The emotional reading is your indication of alignment with who you would like to become. So when your eye is on all that you are not (all that is displeasing to you), you will be immersed in negative emotions regarding all you see. If you continue in this manner, the negative emotions get more intense. The emotions are soul’s responsibility by way of your agreement with soul to guide you to the best choices.

Your resistance to making the choice needed will be evident to you when you take stock of your current most predominant emotional readings. If you are leaning more toward the negative emotions of fear, depression, unworthiness, powerlessness, sadness, anger, hate, blame, resentment and so on, then you are falling out of alignment and have choices to make. Many of you know what the choice is, yet you procrastinate out of fear. You need to realize that procrastination will only lead you to depression and powerlessness. You will arrive at a place where you must make a choice, so why wait or go through that self-inflicted pain?

Use your gifts of sight and communication from soul to produce the desired effect you want. By nature, you want to evolve. You cannot help this as you are an eternal being.


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