Have you ever imagined what you would have been able to achieve if you have acted on every ideas that come to you? Have you ever imagined what your life would have become if ACTION had been your watchword earlier?

Have you ever imagined the kind of state you could have been now if you have been a person of action? There are so many times we have an idea that would have changed our lives, can your remember? There are so many times we have seen somebody do some things and wonder: I have thought of that before.

There are so many times we have feel we could do some things but somehow, we couldn't or wouldn't. Action is a wonderful word we all need to get used to. You never can tell where you will get to or what you will have without acting on your inner longings.

The whole development we have in the world today wouldn't have been possible if those who conceived the ideas didn't stand up to act. If they had decided to wish those things come to pass and NEVER bother acting, I'm sure we would still have been in the stone age.

The truth of the matter is that there are no substitutes for action. Prayer, fasting, wishing and day dreaming are NEVER going to displace action in our lives. Prayers have the part they play in our lives, but they are no substitute for action.

The earlier we understand this, the better for us all. If you ever want to achieve anything meaningful with your life, you need to get up and ACT! Nothing will fall on your laps if you are not willing to stand up and go get it.

If things just fall from heaven, the whole world would have been filled with lazy people who will just wake up and pray that things happen to them on their bed. In the last two months, I have had several encounters with this powerful word. I couldn't just believed all one can do when you decide to act.

It has always been ringing in my brains where ever I go. If you are to emulate me, you won't believe all that will be happening in your life immediately you decide to act on your dreams or any idea that you have.

If you think action is not important in our lives, when you wake up tomorrow, just stay on your bed and begin to pray that food will prepare itself and it will automatically walk up to you while still in bed. Do this for one hour and spice it up with tongues and see what happens.

I'm sure hunger will descend heavily on you that nobody will teach you to stop wasting your time and get up. If you don't get your food by this means, why do you think something Big, a miracle or whatever, will just happen to you by just sitting down on your butt? Why do you think you will be able to achieve anything important with your life by just wishing and hoping.

How many times have you thought of that lucky break happening to you which never does? I want you to know this, NOTHING will ever happen to you if you don't act.

Get up, stop WISHING and start doing something! That is all you need to live a meaningful life. You have wished enough, prayed enough, fasted enough, you have even shared your vision(s) enough. .

Please add any form of action to your life. No matter how little it is, you will still know you have done something at the end of the day. When you act consistently, on your ideas, you will be surprised at the power you will have at your disposal. You will also feel good about yourself.

What is that thing that has been distracting you from acting, let it be a thing of the past TODAY!

This is to your success as a person of ACTION!

Author's Bio: 

Adebola Oni is a young man with a STRONG passion for seeing lives changed. He does this by sharing impactful inspirational messages on his website, http://www.naijamotivation.com