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Overview of this week’s “Creation Energies” Brenda’s free, 15-minute, channeled show on www.BlogTalkRadio.com: As you move into different dimensions, those who opt to stay in the 3rd dimension will not be exposed to “hell and damnation”, you will just have less interest in their fears and anger. There is no rule or supreme figure telling you what to do or when to do it – only your inner-being.

Dear Ones,

So much is happening within your world – yet your joy is palpable. Those of you who have financial concerns or perhaps a loved one with issues, might find this paragraph difficult to comprehend. You might even be angry.

But your pain and fear is of the past. Even though your vision of joy has not yet appeared, you feel an inner joy – almost as a guilty pleasure. Let us explain what is or has happened to your being.

In the past, such fears and traumas would have produced an endless series of worries that eventually enhanced your belief that life is difficult and just beomes more difficult as you age.

Even though you now may have more to be concerned about than has been true for some time, you feel lighter, more of a sense of the possibilities than of fear. Why do you suppose such is happening?

We have told you that the New Age has arrived. And we have told you that you were instrumental in bringing the New Age to earth and to your being. You are a miracle in so many ways. Not the least of which is that you continue to add slivers of your totality to your earth being.

Those slivers have helped move you from fear to joy. Your being is no longer half in fear and half in joy – or as you started out in this adventure, three-quarters in fear – you have moved into joy.

Some of you are unwilling to acknowledge your true growth. A bit like your unwillingness to let others know you needed a bra at puberty – how could you be a “tomboy” if you looked like a girl?

Take a few seconds and run through your list of worries. Are they as deep or as consistent as before? If so, know that they no longer need to be. And if not, glory in the fun of letting go of fear.

Let us give you an example. Pretend that you have just graduated from high school. Yet you believe you are not ready for the next stage in your life because you are not comfortable with algebra or you know nothing about physics. Is it likely that you will ask to repeat your senior year of high school so you can become comfortable in those subjects; or will you move to the next step assuming that what you needed to know, you learned? And if algebra was a difficult subject for you in high school, is it likely you will accept a job or select a college major in which algebra is the key element?

When you graduate from high school, you are knowledgeable in some subjects, dislike others and are totally incompetent in others. But that does not need a step backwards to make sure you are fully competent in all areas, it merely allows you to know what areas you like and which you are probably not going to pursue in the future.

So it is for your joy. Perhaps you have money difficulties. But instead of continuing to circle back to reasons and justifications for why that is so, you now have the inner encouragement to move forward knowing that such difficulties will take care of themselves when the time is right.

Now many of you are upset. Such is not possible. “I have to search my past lives. I have to meditate. I have to ‘work’ on my money issues until I get them right.”

That is no more true than repeating one or more years of high school after you have graduated. It is done. You have completed what you needed to complete. Your life is moving forward. There is no need to review or rue the past – it is the past. You have graduated.

The joy that is tip-toeing through your being is not silly, illogical or wrong. It is merely you acknowledging that you have graduated from fear. Of course, there will be days in which you wish you remembered an algebraic formula, but not enough days to call for a repeat of that class or that year.

You have graduated. It is time for you to move to your university of joy.

You are excited about the possibilities of joy and pleasure. Yet, you are not sure what the subject of joy mean for you. Do you wish to explore the joy of humanity? The plant kingdom? The animal kingdom? Life between lives on earth? Interplanetary travel? Creating new forms of energy?Help others transition to another form? Or something totally different? Do you wish to create your own joy general studies program? Or do you wish to specialize? Only you can make that decision based on the level of joy and fun created by your inner-being.

As you increase the number of slivers in your being, your interests may shift slightly. Each of your physical beings have a particular area of interest, but each of those areas include multiple opportunities for study.

As a history major, you would have studied that part of history most interesting to you. Perhaps Genghis Khan. The United States Civil War. The French Revolution. So it will be for you now. You will study joy – but which aspect and at what level?

Do not fret if your life is not perfect. Not because it will never be, but rather that you are just moving into the place in which joy is more prominent than fear. You are also deciding which part of joy you are most interested learning about.

You have moved into a place that even you doubted was possible a few weeks ago. You have graduated from pain and fear – not that you will never feel either again, but that they have become minor elements in your being. Joy is your area of study now. Have fun deciding what part of joy makes you most joyful! And know that your graduation ceremonies from fear and pain were truly as exhilarating as any you experienced in your lives on earth.

You have graduated to joy. Now take your time to peruse the information that will help you decide what your major in joy will be. So be it. Amen.

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