Not everyone is a sports enthusiast or competitive person. There are lessons, however, which can be learned from athletes and applied to your business. Each and every Olympic athlete has a coach behind her, is part of a group and is driven to strive for peak performance. They have the determination and mindset of a winner, choosing to move forward even when it is uncomfortable.

Although I have always exercised, my time was primarily spent in a gym. I became involved in sports very late in my life. At 40y/o I learned downhill skiing and sweep rowing in the same year. I liked being able to challenge myself both physically and mentally. That should have been a clue about my drive. At that point, however, I didn’t realize I was a competitive person. Primarily, these were family activities we began doing together.

After several years of recreational rowing, I moved into the women’s racing team. The challenging workout and cohesiveness of the group was appealing. Since I was attracted to other qualities about this group, I still didn’t realize that there was a competitive part of me.

Becoming part of a women’s racing team has changed how I do business and how I live my life in several important ways. Coaching to reach peak potential is valuable, progress is faster with a group or a team and a positive mindset is necessary to reach new levels of performance.

Receiving coaching was very difficult when I first began rowing. I took things personally, finding the constant feedback overwhelming. There were always several things needing improvement. Because it was new, I was receiving more negative feedback than positive.

For awhile I began avoiding the coaches. My rationale was that I didn’t truly care about my technique I just wanted to get a good workout. Avoidance was not helping me. I knew I had to change my perception about coaching if I was going to improve my performance.

As I became more interested in my technique and improving my skill level, I began to seek out coaching. I decided to ask for positive feedback when I received coaching. This one change, to ask for what I needed, helped significantly.

I eventually realized the feedback was not truly about me as a person, I was taking it too personally. Once I got out of my own way, everything changed. The transformation was impressive, being able to hear the coach’s instruction without feeling judged.

Coaching is valuable. I decided to have a business coach when I first started Mindset for Marketing Success. Having someone to guide me was going to propel my business to the next level of success faster than I would on my own.

I am a very independent person and like being in control. I have worked independently for years. Rowing with a group taught me the value of teamwork and, once again, letting go of my ego. There was so much to learn.

Becoming part of a group of like-minded people, I was offered guidance, insight and opportunities. Many times I had to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be a valuable team member. I continued to work hard, saying “yes” to each opportunity which came my way.

The transformation from lone ranger to group member was significant. This carried over into my business. I began looking for opportunities to affiliate with others, began adding people to my team and joined a mastermind group. My business began to grow steadily.

Knowing your purpose and unique ability will create the mindset for success. Tapping into your purpose changes everything. It creates a drive to meet your goal. Things which you resisted before you are willing to take on now. The commitment to yourself, your purpose and success becomes your destiny.

When I realized I needed to step out of my office and become part of the global community, everything changed. All of a sudden, things I had resisted needed to be overcome. I had to get past my own comfort zone to reach my purpose and I was determined to do whatever was necessary to make that happen. By transforming my mindset, what was once difficult was now easy.

As you watch the Olympics, realize there is a coach and a team behind every athlete. Each athlete has what it takes to be a winner; their mindset is in the right place. Now it is your turn to build a winning business. Apply all of these aspects to your business and watch it soar.

Activity: Look at all of the different hats you are wearing for your business. Are you a lone ranger or a team player? List 3 tasks you have continued to do although you don’t really enjoy doing them. What prevents you from passing on those responsibilities? How would things change if you could train someone to do those jobs according to your system? Even if you are not ready to pass on those jobs right now, write the system of exactly what you do. That way when the time comes you will have an easy to follow, step–by-step instructions of how you want it done.

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