When ever we think that there is something difficult to learn or master in life, we believe that there must be some “secret” attached to the outcome. We often say to ourselves, “what do I need to know, that I don’t or what do I need to do, that I haven’t.” What if I told you that there was no real secret to success, rather what you refuse to believe about your ability to achieve it.

The above state of mind automatically transfers the possibility of success to outside influences i.e. there is something out there that I must control or command. This line of thinking places you in a state of lack and scarcity and shuts down your ability to create in the present. If we explore, we discover that the answer simply lies within.

Real success is a creative state of being that is realized by living in the moment of conscious relationship that chooses what it desires to achieve, regardless of fears or changing conditions.
Success is as personal and unique to an individual, as is their special love for a soul mate or child.

Success is not a thing. It truly is a journey based on your definition of the experience toward that end. It’s what we choose it to be in the moment based on who we say we are. Let me repeat that, “it’s what we choose it to be in the moment based on who we say we are.” This is where true success starts, with the self-image.

If you’re familiar with my work and writings, you know that I often state, “what you believe is true.” The key component of achieving success is fulfilling and manifesting the positive intention that you declare and create in your life. Your power to create in the present is unlimited, based on what you believe is possible and what you tell yourself to be true about yourself.

Your self-image is the yard stick that plays a major role in determining who you are, who you become and what you achieve. Because we all have a past means we all have self-limiting behaviors. You are not unique This fact does not qualify you for being caste into the black hole of failure unless you believe it does.

What one must simply do is come to a realization of this fact. Once you’re aware of what is stopping you or holding you back, you can now confront the limitation and replace it with a new, more positive and powerful belief system. The first step in this process is to get your head out of the past and into the present. Once you learn to “be aware” of who you’re being, then you can become who you want to be.

Visualization will play a major role in the evolution of your new self-image. Studies have demonstrated that the brain responds to camera like images. These can be self-created images, as the brain can not distinguish between what is real and what is visualized. You will enhance the process greatly by creating a state of presence and reality with your image. Feel the emotions, the joy and excitement, hear the unique sounds and voices, see the vivid colors and landscape of your image.

Once the self-limiting beliefs are identified and replaced, what is required is developing the discipline to make this new belief system a part of your every day life. This process will allow you to internalize your new beliefs into a new you, a new beginning. It will be necessary for you to be both patient and persistent, for you are reconditioning beliefs and behaviors that have been in existence for years, decades or maybe a lifetime.

The following exercise will assist you in creating A New You:

• go to a quite place and take stock in what your true self-image is

• allow yourself to enter into a state of forgiveness for past mistakes

• identify the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back

• based on “what you believe is true” begin to create a new self-image

• replace those self-limiting beliefs with who you choose and believe to be

• begin to visualize with emotion who you are and what you choose to

• believe and visualize yourself being that person and achieving in the

A New You is just 21 days away

A person who can change their habits, can change their life. If you commit to practicing this exercise twice a day, every day with focus and emotion for 15 minutes, you will begin to see your self-image shift in as little as 21 days. This program requires discipline, persistence and patience.

Author's Bio: 

Larry Agresto is a Life & Business Coach and the founder of Peak Performance Coaching.

He is also a writer, author and speaker. His work and writings focus on “breakthrough changes” in life and business. His latest work “The Power of Magical Thinking,” is about empowering people to realize their “true potential,” enabling them to live a life of success and happiness.

In your work with Larry, you’ll learn to leave behind the self-limiting beliefs of your past experiences that hold you back. In doing so, you will begin to experience the unlimited thinking of your true potential, which in turn empowers the opportunity for unlimited possibilities into your life and business.

He has written several e-books; “The Principles of Success, The Journey, What’s Stopping You, The Bulls Eye Business Plan and The 21 Day Breakthrough.” His latest e-book is entitled “The Power of Magical Thinking.”

Larry spent 25 years in Corporate America, the last 13 in senior management. He transitioned into a Life & Business Coach after he lost his wife and suddenly became a single parent in May of 1995. He has a BA from Bentley College in Business/Government and an AA in Psychology/Education.

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