We are all single at some point in our lives so it’s important to help yourself stay motivated when it comes to the world of dating. Being a long time single gal, and being all about the how, I came up with a how to have a no fear approach to dating.

No Fear Rule #1- Dont take anything personally! Dating is a numbers game just like sales. I get excited every time I have a bad date because I believe dates are like sales calls... its takes 10 no's to get a yes, it takes 10 bad to get a good.

No Fear Rule #2- Have no fear. Who cares if you get rejected?!? I believe there are two types of fear. Real fear and fake fear. Real fear can cause you physical harm or death. Fake fear doesnt, it only exists in your head. I once approached a man and said "excuse me but I couldnt help but over hear your conversation and I find you intriguing. You seem like someone I would like to get to know better." He looked me up and down and said "sorry I only date beautiful women." I turned and went back to my girlfriend and said "YES! one more down only 3 more to go!"

No Fear Rule #3- Laugh out loud. Take those terrible blunders and make them funny. I once nicknamed a guy Sea Bass Man because he kissed like a sea bass. Now that’s funny! Another time I nicknamed a guy the Are you kidding me man! He called me up while we were dating and asked what to do when you can’t stop thinking about a girl who is all wrong for you. I thought he was talking about me. He wasn’t! He called the girl he was dating to talk about a girl he’d rather me dating. Hence I said “Are you kidding me man!” I could write a book on this all by itself!

No Fear Rule #4- Get it going. Put yourself out there. Go where they go. Think about the type of man or woman you want to meet. Where do these types go socially? If you want someone who’s into sports, go to sporting events or sports bars. If you want someone who’s a brainiac, go to a book reading or industry networking event. If you want a philanthropist, go to a charity event. If you are nervous or have fear, refer to rules 1 and 2.

No Fear Rule #5- Ditch the sales pitch. If someone doesn’t want you, it’s their loss. If you have to sell him or her on all the reasons why you’re a great catch then they aren’t the one for you. The right one will know and appreciate all your wonderful characteristics and appreciate them. If they don’t they’re blind, deaf, stupid or just down right crazy!

There you go. Five simple no fear rules to surviving the singles game. Now, embrace your singlehood and go get dating!

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