This 5-step 'internet profits' plan is designed for anyone (beginner or intermediate) to put to use and easily start pulling in a steady stream of online profits from niche marketing.

The plan is prepared to be completed within 6 weeks but you can always adjust it be shorter depending on your own comfort. Ready?

Step 1: Develop A Success Mindset

The first step is about finding your center and creating the right mindset! This is extremely important because without it, you will have a difficult time finding success.

You can have the best tools and strategies at your disposal but if you have a poor attitude and mindset, those tools and strategies will not do you much good. If you want to succeed, you have to pull out all the stops and use all that you have and your mind is the greatest asset you possess.

First of all, realize the simple fact that every problem is really an opportunity in disguise.

Step 2: Choose Your Niche Market

When trying to figure out which niche to go after, the questions you want to ask yourself are...

What do I love to do the most? What am I most passionate about in life?

What subjects do I have strong emotional feeling towards?

What am I naturally good at or have an instinct for? (Provided it's something you enjoy doing!)

If I were to wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing, what would that be?

What would express my creative intention and bring out the best in me while doing it?

How can I benefit myself and others if I were to express my creative intention?

Step 3: Create Your First Product

Let's say you decide to create a "how-to" type product that teaches people to be motivated in life. You can surely go to the library or bookstore and get some ideas on the tips, layout, table of contents, etc.

A how-to manual is just a bunch of reports/articles put together in a logical sequence. Do your research, look at other books and reports, and start putting your reports together. It doesn't have to be hundreds of pages to make you money – just content that people want to have, to learn how to be motivated. If the reader finds it useful, he/she will be willing to pay you for it.

Step 4: Set Up Your Webpage

You don’t need to know anything about webpage design to do this. You just need a “sales letter” to sell your new product. There are many free templates out there that you can use and buy one at a very cheap price.

Here’s how you can get your sales letter ready very quickly and easily…

Some of the most highly-paid copywriters, don't create their powerful (and expensive) sales materials from scratch. Nope. That would take too much time and too much effort! They simply "steal" brilliant marketing ideas and sales materials that have worked well in the past. They just "recycle" what has been proven to work instead of wasting time on creating new stuff that could very easily fail.

Well, first of all, let me make it very clear that I'm not asking you to copy other people's work word-for-word! That can get you into a lot of legal trouble (and it's also wrong, ethically.) When I say "steal," what I really mean is "model" after a successful ad or site.

Step 5: Get Traffic

Start by contacting other product owners, publishers and website owners through email to consider promoting your new product. Offer them a good percentage of the profits if they help you get the word out.

The more enticing, beneficial, and unique your offer is, the more joint venture successes you will create. Other than this, you can always use other traffic methods like writing and publishing articles, getting traffic from by submitting videos, participate in forums, post classified ads, promote your product in social sites like,, and many more other traffic techniques.

In closing, I'd like to say that, the steps I've offered above may sound simple but they work! If you put in the time and effort, you will see amazing results.

At the same time, keep in mind that in this business (or any other business for that matter), you will get to hear some "no's" along the way. You will meet some challenges and bumps.

Don't take any of it personally. Learn from them and keep moving forward. Action and persistence are really the keys to the castle.

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