We are looking around at a vision of lacking.

Do we see ourselves in that same light?

We are so quick to judge, and we are so quick to identify what is missing in our own lives. There is an epidemic of more money than we know what to do with in the world, and yet we are unmoved by this fact.

We are writing a story that has no happy ending.

But, there is no story, and there is no ending.

Isn’t that the best news?

Can you imagine yourself in all of your glory, maybe a little impatient, a little chubby, a little drunk, a little jealous, a little needy, a little … dare I say it … ImPerfect?


I can hear your thoughts;

“But I’m practicing patience, I’m doing yoga for those extra pounds, I’m drinking more tea, and well…. I can fake the rest!”

Stop! Could you just take a moment and feel what it would feel like to be happy because of, not in spite of all of those “imperfect” things? What if you weren’t trying to lose weight? What if you weren’t practicing patience?

What if you had no intention of drinking tea? … I know I don’t

Because we are those things, and capable of so much WORSE!

The exact degree in which we are capable of good, we are capable of just as much not so good.

It’s the law of Yin and Yang.

Imagine two scales and we must keep them in balance. In order to add good to one, we must add bad to the other.

In order to be feminine, we must have masculine qualities.

We can not ignore one and give full attention to the other. There will be imbalance, and our existence holds the same rules as an eco system.

We have been conditioned to believe in evil, we have been convinced that it is an enemy to deny or defeat.

We can all be “evil”, and sometimes you get a glimpse of it, and you decide that if you can only get a good grip on your evil characteristic, you can finally destroy it.

But, what if “it” is what makes you…you.

Is it not “you” that is being hunted until you are extinct?

What parts of you are you hunting?

Are you open to seeing them in a different light and perhaps granting them permission to hang around until you get to know them?

Author's Bio: 

Naomi Miller has studied all things spiritual for many years. She is certified in Psych K, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Emotion Code, 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training, and Reiki Masters. She is an accomplished writer, and has learned to hone her intuitive skills into her writing. For years she has been working with clients, breaking down emotional walls, and changing core beliefs. Creating positivity and incredible change in the lives of many. Naomi's self growth has led to the creation of her blog http://www.NinjaNaomi.com where she shares her experiences, her discoveries, and her gifts with others.