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Brain wave mp3 recordings will work for you if you let them. It’s simply because of the simple fact that if you do try it you can't fail, you need to make some positive changes in your life and that positive
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It is a proven fact that, if the brain is in direct control of all the bodies functions, different combinations of sound wave frequencies can be used to help improve many different bodily functions and even heal the damaged parts. The different frequency combinations, are training parts of the brain to work more efficiently.

The most striking aspect of brain wave mp3 is its link with healing. For over 160 years these recordings has been used to heal the body and the mind. MP3 recordings allows you to target specific areas of your life/body/mind and soul where you feel you need healing.

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I my name is David and i love the unexplainable…and have been very interested in things like brainwave mp3 recordings and Meditation,Astral Projection,and ESP all my life.