A "Just for Energy Healers" article, for healers, coaches, counselors and therapists of all kinds and their students.

This addresses an issue in energy healing. It has less application to hands-on healing work and less application still to conventional massage, chiropractic, doctoring and medical technician occupations.

Abstract ~ A distinction is made in energy healing between nutritional-metabolic approaches and storytelling approaches and these two approaches are characterized. The two different types of persons attracted to each path are characterized. A combination of both approaches is suggested as the most effective use and most whole-brained approach to healing. The two path are discussed as "two prongs" and "two hands" of healing. The value of the tool of Kinesiology-testing, self-testing, inner testing for hands-off long distance work is emphasized.

Outside of Grace and luck, there appears to be not just one way to effect good results in healing, not 1,000 ways, but primarily TWO ways.

This has much to do with the TWO major categories of imbalances oppressing cells.

It also connects with the TWO kinds of persons who in and with aptitude for healing work.

First the cell part:

1) Cells get oppressed and age more quickly under metabolic deficiencies and excesses. This includes toxins.

2) Cells get oppressed and age more quickly under invisible psychic negativity, Imaginal, Emotional, Mental, Unconscious-Mythological and Spiritual-Perceptual (ACMES).

If any reader sees a clear way to state this distinction or a distinction I have missed, please share it with me. I'm sure improved clarity is possible here.

The two types of persons attracted to healing

Primarily TWO kinds of people are attracted to healing work. Our most precise language for characterizing these two kinds of people comes from Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In MBTI people are categorized in terms of personal preferences. Primarily four of MBTI's 16 sets of personal preferences have aptitude for, persevere and excel at healing:


Several other sets of personality preferences excel at hands-ON healing, teaching, counseling and other useful social service work. Energy healers seem to be drawn primarily from the above four preferences and from whole-brained variations on these, beyond our scope here.

This article does not address them, only the fraction of healing that is done hands-off; and especially, health improvement results accomplished long-distance by phone and Skype.

Two sets of personal preferences unite all healers.

The hidden pattern above is all of the above are either iNtuitive Feeler (NF) or Intuitive Thinker (NT). NFs and NTs comprise virtually 100% of persons attracted to energy healing of some kind. This is because they prefer thinking about invisible things (iNtuitive) over tangible-sensible things you can hold in your hand and "carry in a wheelbarrow" (Sensory).

So if you are still reading this, we are pretty sure you prefer iNtuitive thinking or iNtuitive Feeling. Which do your prefer more?

It's possible, and not a crime, to be 50-50 on both thinking and feeling. This is towards whole-brainedness and rather rare, tho.

If the above lingo is new to you, learn about this popular topic here: http://www.thoughtfuled.com/assess_identify.php
one of 34,000 Google pages with the search terms: "iNtuitive thinking" "iNtuitive Feeling."

You can can also find discussion of preferences in Google at "MBTI intro" and "Please understand me."

NTs and NFs the most likely to use K-testing

It's pretty clear in MBTI preferences that persons with NF and NT preferences will also be the majority of persons attracted to, practicing and mastering Kinesiology-testing, muscle testing, inner testing self-testing, what I prefer to call Client Controlled Testing (CCT).

The attraction of CCT for NFs and NTs is it exercises and expands the user's inner awareness. Persons who prefer iNtuition are going to be more attracted to trying this.

In assisting clients long-distance by phone and Skype, readers will understand how practical and useful some form of CCT can be.

Because our immune system is alive, you can communicate with it. Testing means simply asking the immune system what's "true" and "not true" for it. Find a full discussion of this in Self-Healing 101! Best Practices in Healing.

The two paths diverge at this point. When the immune system responds that a disturbance is present, a "fork in the road" presents itself. It's possible to ask, is this disturbance more nutritional-metabolic; or, is the disturbance more in the area of storytelling, memories and therapeutic metaphor?

Metabolic Pathway & Storytelling Pathway in energy healing

Maybe a reader of this will find better terms for these two healing pathways; if so, please do share them!

Traveling down the Metabolic Pathways fork, you are likely to uncover blocks to healthy immune function:
- to identify metabolic excesses and deficiencies.
- to uncover toxins and embedded heavy metals.

Any or all of these can disturb the hologram of nutrients and pathways the immune system uses to express optimal health.

Traveling down the Storytelling Pathways fork, you are likely to uncover blocks to healthy immune function in the area of blocks to well-being, disturbances of "not well" and "not open" in the range of frequencies we have from conscious to unconscious.

You are likely to uncover all manner of psychic material along the lines of:

- imaginary fears,
- emotional trauma,
- faulty beliefs,
- unhappy memories and stories of all kinds, some of them yours, some of them belonging to and carried for other persons you once loved,
- and in the highest frequencies of Creation, tragic myths and fairy tales, parts of you, are still living by. These are the salt grinder grinding away salt at the bottom of the sea, polluting the entire ocean, in the famous fairy tale.

In this second fork, all these categories of disturbance can be discussed as habits needing attention and redirection. We have habits on all these levels PACME; and therefore, potential for dysfunctional habits on all these habit levels. Find a full discussion of PACME in You Have Five Bodies PACME, Spiritual Geography 101.

In conventional language, we call all such disturbances "issues." "Unresolved issues" is perhaps more clear language.
"Unresolved Physical, Imaginal, Emotional, Mental, Unconscious and Spiritual habits" is perhaps more clear language yet.

The old 20th century word "issues" easily upgrades to "habits" because all our issues are learned thru repetition. Every "issue" is no more nor less, than a "habit."

The term "habit" is preferred over "issue" because habit has the stronger connotations of, "I can change this."
The word "habits" gives more therapeutic direction.

Down the Storytelling Pathways fork we don't find toxins and heavy metals but we do find "negativity." Any or all of these, disturbs the inner child's expression of optimal self-esteem and self-concept. Reducing blocks increases joy and more vitality flows in the meridians.

Then as the poet Rumi says, you can't go at Joy directly, you CAN go after the blocks to joy. Remove them and more Joy comes present automatically.

"Two hands" of healing

It's worth mentioning psychic negativity we hold on to, tends to be the energetic matrix, heavy metals and other toxins are held within. When we release the negative energetic, the heavy metals and toxins often begin their exit from the physical body.

For this reason, later in life, practitioners of metabolic pathway healing, often come around to embrace therapeutic metaphor, as the "other hand" to extend to clients who wish therapeutic assistance.

Whatever we do to reduce blocks to wholeness increases our joy. Increasing internal Coherence, Integration and Alignment, the new CIA, increases joy. Any repair of mis-shapen-ness in the hologram of our psyche and immune system, increases our CIA.

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