Do you know something about link building that many others don’t? Everybody has a method of link building that is special to them and that they modify in order to meet their needs and I have just that. If you think that link building isn’t anything special, you are wrong, it is special. Link building is something that internet marketers take very seriously and even hide their secrets so they can reduce their competition.
Something that many people don’t know about building ink is that it isn’t always one dimensional, there are many layers and sides to it. The first thing you need to understand about proper link building is that you should build links from all sorts of different places on the web such as; article directories, website directories, other blogs(guest posts), blog comments, social bookmarks and things like that. The reason you need to have links from many different places is because search engines will think a site is spam if all the links come from just one certain method. Just remember that diversification is key to proper link building.
What many people don’t know about building link is that high page ranked sites aren’t always a good thing. For instance sites that only have links from link farms and content farm sites aren’t will have a high page rank but once Google figures out what they are doing their page rank will be non-existent and your site will be back where it once was. Another reason page rank is not everything is because the most important factor in a link is relativity. If your site is on the “link building” topic then you need to get links from other sites that deal with the same thing. Never spend time working on getting links from off-topic sites because it will be a waste of time in the near future.
Another thing that people know about but do wrong is article marketing. The reason why people do this wrong is because they always put two links in each article they write and when they do this it splits the link juice that the site would normally give to just one link and gives it to both. Another reason people do article marketing wrong is because they use two different links to the same site. Search engines don’t care about two links, what they care about is link pages. What this means is that if you have two links on one page you will only get 1 link counted and normally it is the link that gets counted not your anchor text link. Just do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with multiple links, it doesn’t work.
Now that you know the truth about building links I hope you can get your site up on the search engines as quick as possible and hopefully get to number one. Just remember that link building is only good if you do it right.

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