While there are many dishes containing various butters, oils, shavings, and whole truffles, the whole, fresh white truffle still remains the once in a lifetime dining experience for good reason.

Taste and smell decrease rapidly after the truffle is harvested. When it comes to the matter of having the most prized delicacy in Europe, it truly becomes a dining experience of its own to have the freshest. Truffle specialists take extreme measures to harvest and deliver truffles before taste and smell is partially lost. Overnight air freight, storage in rice and cold becomes a must. No measure is spared to deliver the authentic delicacy to the table, or food shop. For the adventurous amateur chefs, it is possible to go on a waiting list for receiving fresh truffles as soon as they come in. While the white truffles from the Alba have been deemed as the best, and best eaten fresh after cleaning, there are many recipes that utilize this delicacy to enhance other dishes.

Like most flavours, truffles should be introduced to the palate of the culinary aficionado gradually over time. There is no need to rush a good thing. If fine dining is a new hobby, it does not hurt to start with truffle oil, or dishes with truffle shavings. In fact, even the slightest bit of high quality truffles will be enough to transform a dish. These are some of the most aromatic organic foods. Even a few drops of truffle oil will do the trick. Truffle oil is generally the way to go for amateur chefs to experiment at home with this fine delicacy. Knowing how one likes his or her truffles does not happen at a table at a restaurant in one night. After a fair amount of experience with small amounts, it might be time to visit a restaurant that offers well-complemented truffle shavings on some of the dishes, or the whole thing.

Although a trip to Alba, or another truffle region, during the harvesting season is a luxury in itself, it may be a worthy experience for the truffle fairs and festivals. Restaurants will offer the freshest, most luxurious dishes at reasonable prices. The accompanied festivals with the dishes in the picturesque towns and villages truly make this dining experience for all senses. This is not the only way to enjoy fine dining and authentic truffle dishes, but it most certainly becomes an experience of a lifetime.

The truffle is in itself a diverse food available in different parts of the world. Truffles, as they are known in Europe, have been enjoyed by the people of antiquity. The truffle is said to have aphrodisiac and other health benefits, and has been extensively used for these purposes. However, the modern chef is more concerned with taste and complementary textures, than any further effects. Truffles have also been found in the Americas as well as the Middle East and North Africa. Currently, there are serious matters of discussion about harvesting various truffles and maintaining their dining heritage.

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