Recently, I’ve been to several gatherings talking with people I’ve newly met.

There has been one consistent, pronounced theme to all of our conversations. People are frightened. They are anxiously waiting for things to get back to normal.

And I could see that this is keeping them frozen, unable to move forward in any kind of significant way.

Here’s the thing: we never are going to get ‘back’ to ‘normal’. Things are either going to disintegrate or they are going to move forward. Staying stuck is also an option but that falls into eventual disintegration.

All of life can be distilled down into either creation or destruction. Nature is either creating or destroying. We are either creating or destroying. You are either creating or destroying. Which are you choosing?

Much is being written about this time in history. There is tumultuous change happening everywhere. And you have a choice. You can join the forward movement and push through into new territiry. Or you can hold on for dear life to what is dying away.

I remember way back when I was in art school and had to start writing about my work. In my very first artist statement, I wrote these words: We need a new vision. Even back then, in the last century, the writing was on the wall. And now, today, we are experiencing the effects of decades of decisions that have been made based not on moving life forward for all but for the fortunate few.

Now we really need a new vision. Each and every one of us needs to stop a moment and take a look at where we are going individually and as a nation.

As individuals, we each have something of great value to offer. We each have our unique gifts and talents. We each have our natural creativity. We each have our desires and dreams. In many cases, these attributes that are within us at birth have been so far buried that we might even deny their existence.

But they are there. And they are awaiting your call.

You may be feeling lost, frustrated, scared and powerless. You may be feeling like you are stuck and nothing is going right for you. No wonder, because the game has changed. Old stuff is no longer working. We are being called to step into our greatest possibilities.

Life as we knew it is not coming back. There is a new ‘normal’. And that normal is living in the process of creation itself. What you need is a new vision of life where you are living your big dream.

What does that require? Simply awakening and using your natural gifts and talents, opening up to the largest vision for your life, and then taking your place at the table, whether it is the dinner table or the global decision-making table.

Because for those who are willing to look in amongst the shreds of broken economy and financial crises and step it up will find the seeds of opportunity. For those who dare to awaken their inner vision and lend their voices to the call for creation, to live their impossible dream, to imagine and create new systems, new environments, new energy solutions, and altogether new experiences, opportunity abounds.

The time is now. The world needs your talents, your creativity, and your vision. Playing small no longer serves anyone. What are you waiting for?

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Author's Bio: 

Linda Hough is an international artist, speaker and creativity catalyst who has, out of necessity, become an expert in unlocking blocks. After twenty years of personal development, spiritual and artistic explorations, she has broken through her own barriers to create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about helping women find their own divine creative expression and take it out into the world. Her mission is to help women and girls see and deeply know how valuable they are and how much we need what they have to offer.

Through visioning and the creative process, Linda helps women discover their unique vision and awaken their creative genius. Because many people suffer from creative shame, she helps them move through the blocks that inhibit self-expression, building self-trust and inner worth that results in outer wealth in all areas of life.

Linda has a MA in Art and is a certified co-active coach. She currently lives in the South of France, spending time both there and in the U.S. speaking, leading workshops, conducting teleseminars, and painting.