Tiles play a massive role in determining the interior of any room. Not just the interior but also how the room would be used. For instance, you cannot put a wooden tile in the bathroom, and ceramic tiles would look odd.
Here we have prepared an essential guide about tiles that will help you understand the different types of tiles available.

Ceramic tiles
If you are looking for an option that wouldn't put a strain on your pocket, then this is. Ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. Moreover, these tiles can be easily cleaned and install. People swear by the durability of these tiles. I mean, do you need anything more?

Vintage tiles
Suppose you are looking to add a vintage feel to your home or a specific room. Then these tiles will help you give that. You can get vintage tiles in two ways one you could install vintage designed tiles, and the other option is to install reclaimed tiles. Reclaimed tiles are expensive, not everyone's cup of tea, but they add elegance to a room interior like nothing else.

Porcelain tile
Porcelain tiles are recognized for their capability to compete with natural stone, brick, and wood. The best part about these tiles is that they are easy to maintain and come in various designs. This way, you won't have to restrict your creativity anywhere.

Cement tiles
These tiles are perfect for those interior designers who want to add pops of color on the floor. However, their biggest snag is that they have to resealed and scaled; moreover, they're pretty difficult to lay down. However, if you install them in a low traffic room, they'll last you for quite some time.

Marble tiles
If you are someone who wants elegance and minimalism in the house interior, then marble tiles are perfect. In whichever room you install them, you will feel right away that space has been upgraded. Also, it helps that the marble times are exceptionally durable.

Limestone tiles
If you want to add a crude feel to your home, the limestone tiles will do that for you. They come in a number of colors and shapes; hence you are free to install then in your own way. However, if you want your limestone wall/floor to stay intact, ensure that they are correctly sealed and don't use any harsh acidic element to clean it.

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