Preface: The writer aims to be upbeat and to emphasize the positive and what's right with this ol' world, but sometimes negatives have to be recognized and identified for what they are, so that the gears can be set in motion to correct them.

Looking for a few good men . . . and a few is what you may find—if you get lucky. The proverbial haystack needle is child's play compared to finding a real man these days.

A real man defined:

1—Confident in his abilities (what he can do now) and his capabilities (what is within his God-given power to accomplish in the future).

2—Courageous enough to conquer—overcome—his fears and forge ahead with determination and grit.

3—Strong physically, because he takes good care of his body—doesn't smoke and has no drinking habits. No couch potato he, strong mentally—has an iron will. Strong emotionally—keeps his head when everyone around him is losing theirs—he's a rock—and strong spiritually—takes his authoritative dominion as a son of God—knows who he is and where he stands with God, and leads his family as its spiritual head.

4—Initiates change and growth—is decisive—would rather make a wrong decision than to be wishy-washy and make none at all.

5—Morally straight: He takes his authority and dominion in the male role God assigned to him as a man without question. He is sensitive enough to try to understand and appreciate the differences between the sexes, but sensible enough not to allow femininity to creep into his psyche.

6—Recognizes and adheres to moral absolutes—unafraid to take a stand for what he believes in—and he knows exactly what that is.

Let's face it: Woman have screwed up royally—and men have allowed it to happen! The liberal looneytunes have gone off the other edge and ruined things for everyone, really. What happened to balance?

It used to be that women had it "made." Oh, sure, they had a lot of "drudge" work and thankless tasks to bear—but now they have to hold down jobs outside the home—in addition to, not in place of, the drudgery. That's progress? I think not!

This is not a who-dun-it! Everyone knows who-dun-it. Women have dun-it! They were born to be women, but they have jumped out of the role that God has assigned to them. Don't know about the rest of the world, but in my opinion, it is these "half" women who have emasculated American men!

God's original plan is for men to be men, women to be women, and for them to marry and become as one entity, because he designed each with attributes that complement the other. Men and women never were designed to fill the roles of both sexes.

And—before I'm inundated with hundreds of emails from feminists—I do not mean to imply that women are intellectually inferior in any way whatsoever. But I do wish to make it very clear that neither are men. Neither sex is more or less inferior or superior. But we are designed differently to fulfill our different God-given roles.

Plus, I realize that many women and some men have been forced into dual roles because of circumstances beyond their control, and I understand this, because I used to be a parent who wore both hats. No, I am talking about those who make the choice to operate on both sides of the fence.

Our natural role as women allows plenty of self expression and fulfillment, and I know this is not only possible, but very doable, because I'm living it!

Before I end my rantings, I also wish to observe that finding a real woman these days is about as hard as finding a real man. Next time maybe we'll go into that . . .

There is a movement to get back to basics in our school system in certain areas, and that is overdue. But let's also get back to basics in the scheme of life by fulfilling only the role that God gave to us and not get all stressed out trying to do it all. Doing so will upgrade the quality of all our lives.

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The writer spent her early years in the legal arena and the last 23 years in property management. She has been an avid Bible student since 1987 and became an online publisher in 2001. She still publishes her bi-weekly ezine, 'elf Expressions Ezine, a collection of positive tips, hints, and advice offered with humor, inspiration, and other goodies for anyone who is inclined to read. The emphasis these days is on the finer points of Christianity. Guidance, mentoring, inspiration, English lessons, editing, and proofreading services for entrepreneurs and online marketers are also offered. Subscribe if you like at