Did your face blush when you accidentally tripped while walking down the hallway way back in grade school? Well, that is just a natural reaction of your body. How about when you are really stressed and worried at work today? Did your face turn red as a tomato? Unfortunately, that is no longer a natural condition. You have what is called excessive and uncontrollable facial blushing. So, what are some facial blushing causes?

Excessive facial redness is a condition in which your face turns uncontrollably red more than the usual. It may be uncontrollable but it is highly curable. But before you try to find ways to cure it, you should focus on its causes first. The three major causes of facial flushing are as follows:

Anxiety, the probable cause of facial redness

Anxiety and stress is pointed out as the probable cause of facial crimsonness. As your anxiety and stress escalate, blood pulls on your face resulting to excessive facial flushing. So to reduce or manage your stress, you can deal with it through relaxation exercises. Breathing exercises also help in limiting stress by reducing carbon dioxide in the blood when in a stressful situation. When carbon dioxide is reduced, the oxygen in the blood is increased resulting to mental tranquility.

Anger-triggering situations contribute to facial blushing

Aside from stress and anxiety-triggering situations, environment that causes anger to shoot up also contribute to facial redness. This is a natural response of the body when the body temperature rises. So if you are short-tempered, assess your situation first before letting your anger trigger your face to turn red. You can breathe in and out at least ten times or catch some fresh air. Avoid getting easily angered as much as you can.

Poor blood circulation causes your face to turn red

Among the causes of facial blushing , poor blood circulation is counted as one. Poor blood flow inhibits the correct circulation of the blood throughout the body including the face. When circulation is improved so is the occurrence of facial redness. You can address this problem through exercise and avoidance of substances such as alcohol and nicotine. These substances interfere with the blood vessels’ constriction and dilation thus affecting the circulation of blood.

Facial crimsonness is a condition that can be cured as long as you know what causes it. And from there you can address the problem and know how to manage it from occurring again. Preventing facial blushing causes is one great way to saying goodbye to extreme facial redness.

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