The creams puffs are also known as choux pastry, these are balls that are packed with whipped cream, ice cream or pastry cream. It is a sweet tasting delight that can be festooned with a variety of things like caramel sauce or chocolate sauce or they can be garnished by sprinkling powdered sugar over the choux pastry. They can also be left plain without any garnishing. The cream puffs are also called profiterole but conventionally profiterole is used to denote small sixed pastries that are garnished with chocolate and filled with whipped ice cream. Although it is not a standard but can be used for other fillings and garnishing.

It is prepared by piping the choux put on through a pastry paper bag, or by using nugget or spoons it can be dropped in the form of tiny balls. These balls are baked and then they shape into hollow puffs. The filling can be done by cutting the puff into upper and lower parts and then filling it with cream or any other thing and then the halves are reassembled. Another method of filling is by inserting the cream or any other thing with the help of a pastry bag or a narrow pipe. Mostly the cream puffs are filled ice cream or pastry cream or whipped cream and they are served without any garnishing but an additional chocolate sauce dip can be provided while serving or the cream puffs can be glazed with caramel. Toppings of frosting or sugar can be put on the puffs; fruits can also be used as toppings. Once the fillings, glazing and toppings are done the choux pastry is assembled into a mounted piece and is served in festivals like Christmas holidays or weddings mostly in France.

The eclair is a pastry of rectangular shape and it is made with the bucks of choux, this is also crammed with fluff up cream or pastry cream and decorates with icing. The bread used is the identical as used in profiteroles but they are formed in a rectangular shape with the help of pastry bag once the shape is set it is ready to be baked, the eclair is to be parched until it is hollow from inside and crisp from outside. Once this treat is cooled down after baking then it is filled with pastry cream that is coffee flavored or chocolate flavored. It can also be filled with other types of fillings like whipped cream, custard, chiboust cream or chocolate, it is topped with delicious icing. It can also be filled with fillings of fruit flavor or chestnut puree or rum and pistachio flavor. The eclair will known as baton de Jacob if it is iced with caramel.

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