The rate of infertility in both men and women is moving fast than it was expected. This has led to a major research in fertility issues and the introduction of new assisted reproductive techniques. IVF has been the widely common and used treatment but there is a new technique known as the “augment program that deals with rejuvenating eggs with mitochondria”. The procedure also uses part of the IVF procedure to accomplish the task.

IVF and test tube babies’ treatment in India have helped face the problem of infertility in couples but due to research, more techniques are rising to offer more alternatives to the patients. It is said that the services of the new development will soon reach other infertility clinics worldwide.

With the latest OvaScience technique, many women’s hopes are stirred up. It is not much different from the normal IVF procedure just that for it, mitochondria is harvested from immature egg cells in the ovarian lining. The woman’s eggs, husband’s sperms and the mitochondria are joined and the embryo taken back to the woman’s uterus under an IVF procedure. This technique is so far available in Japan and Canada. It is said that 30% of the women who try out this procedure get successful results.

This technique, “rejuvenating of the eggs” is raising more questions and still many are finding it hard especially the scientists to accept it. The Chairman of Augment said that they are to meet the different authorities in science and medication to talk about their results. In addition, it is said that IVF is better since it has been there before but women complain due to its associated hormone injections that cause nausea, food swings and a rare risk of death.

The Augment procedures are done to avoid all the above and to give chances to women who failed to have biological children despite the different cycles of IVF treatment. The different infertility problems in women in India have been handled by test tube baby treatment and also with IVF treatment. Blocked fallopian tube treatment is also another leading treatment in this area.

In the bid to tackle infertility in men and women, a lot is being done and at this time we see the rise of other assisted reproductive techniques like Augment. It has been clearly stated that IVF will not lose its strength in the market since its results are approved and have a high success rate and its market share is rising at a good speed.

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In addition to the IVF, test tube baby treatment and blocked fallopian tube treatment are other alternatives for fighting the threat of infertility faced by the couples in India