We have been bombarded with stories since the day we were born. Some stories make sense and are relevant to our lives. Some are so old and out of date and make no sense in today’s world.
Some stories are beliefs that people who had influences in our lives believed. Some can propel us forward, while others can become our engrained limiting beliefs that block us from success in different areas of our lives.
Take for example that Grandma believed that money was the root of all evil, and that anyone with money was greedy, and only looked after themselves. If by chance we adopted that belief, it would become our block to financial success. At a subconscious level, anytime we had the opportunity to create financial freedom we would somehow miss it. Not because we didn’t want it, simply because we told ourselves that that would make us greedy. Once the limiting belief is realized, released, and exchanged for a more positive believe, we will begin to realize financial success.

Through each situation we deal with in life, whether it be good or bad, we tell ourselves a story. This story we tell ourselves helps us to deal with or sometimes justify what we have been through. Those stories remain with us on a subconscious level.
When we have a positive situation we tell ourselves we are good, we succeeded, or we are told positive things. These positive stories help us to build self esteem and self worth, they generally do not play havoc in our lives.

They can however create blocks to learning more if we continually tell ourselves that we are above the rest, or we praise ourselves too much. Perhaps our families praised us too much and it build a huge ego mind. Either way the story is embedded in our minds and bodies at a subconscious level and comes to light when we need it.

When we have negative situations we do the same. We tell ourselves a story to help us cope. The story isn’t necessarily true, or an honest portrayal of what actually happened. It is simply something we tell ourselves in that very moment. This story can and usually does play havoc in our lives. It can become a block to getting to where we want to be in life. So often the story plays havoc at a subconscious level that we are not even aware that it is there blocking us.
Take for example a small child does something they are so proud of, they can’t wait to show their parents . Now on that particular day the parent had a bad day at work. The child shows the parent what he/she did. The parent, instead of expressing how proud they are of them, or how it looks nice, they point out something that is wrong with it. The child is hurt. The child doesn’t necessarily know how to deal with the feelings. The child might tell themselves something like, I will never be good enough. It is not the truth, and not what was implied, but the story is told, and held in the body on a subconscious level.
As the child begins to grow, and have different experiences in life, this story has the opportunity to prove itself. Perhaps the child begins to exhibit self sabotaging habits or patterns. Life continues and the story, although well hidden continues to be retold.
In order to stop the behavior that the story is causing, the story has to be recognized and brought to light. The mind and body need to be told a different story. Once the story is changed to a more positive outcome, life experiences change.

When we focus on the negative stories in our minds and bodies we will continue to have negative life experiences. If you are experiencing negative habits or patterns in your life, take a look at your beliefs and stories you have told or been told. . The stories are there, good, bad or indifferent, we can choose to listen, or we can choose to change them. Dig deep and pull to stories out by the root. Our life experiences depend on our ability to change our inner stories.

Author's Bio: 

Jenn Prothero owns and operates Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center, where she offers her clients a range of therapies from Reiki, to Angel Therapy, to Sound Vibration Healing and Meditation Journeys in order to heal from and move forward from the affects of trauma and major life changes. She can assist you in finding and releasing the stories that you have told yourself.

Her passion is helping people release that which is holding them back from living their dreams.

She can be reached at www.jennprothero.webs.com