Each of us is really like three people in one: the soul, the subconscious, and the conscious self. Every thought, feeling, word and action is an expression of one or more of these ‘selves.’ We need to become increasing aware of each of these, and then develop the discrimination to be able to consciously choose which to express in each situation.

Just to give an idea of what these three levels of our being include, consider these characteristics:

Soul: beauty, truth, goodness, understanding, unconditional love, empowerment of others, altruism, the common good, universal principles.

Subconscious: conditioning, instincts, positive and negative repressions, forgotten experiences from the past, fears, wounds.

Conscious self: conscious beliefs, self image, rationalizations, thoughts, emotions, attitudes.

We are in harmony when these three levels of our being do not contradict one another. An example of such harmony might be when soul is seeking to manifest unconditional love and the subconscious is not urging us to get something from the relationship for ourselves, and the conscious self chooses words and actions that communicate this soul love.

Increasingly we need to integrate these three aspects of who we are. Our happiness depends on it and fulfilling our life purpose demands it. This inner integration requires self-knowledge at all three of these levels. That is what the soul journey is all about and what the evolution of consciousness is all about in a personal sense. When we do this personal work on ourselves we can then be of real, genuine service to others.

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For over 30 years Andrew Schneider has worked in the metaphysical field having formally studied Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education. He has created and taught many programs for personal growth, soul consciousness, esoteric studies and philosophical counseling in Canada and Europe. He has also taught over 5000 classes, seminars and workshops. Take The Soul Journey at Andrew Schneider’s web site.