Every man should develop a mission statement for succeeding with single women. This will give you purpose, a plan for doing better with women, and motivate you to take action to seduce women.

Here's the mission statement that I recommend that you use:

1. I have supreme confidence in myself and my abilities to meet, attract, and seduce any woman I desire. When I approach women my mind is programmed for success and I am not upset if I get rejected.

I will not feel sorry for myself or feel defeated if things don't go my way with women. This will only make me try harder and be more focused and determined.

2. I will not focus on any weaknesses that I have when it comes to doing better with women. I only concentrate on my supreme powers in attracting women instead of any problems I may have in the romance department.

3. I set goals for succeeding with women and a deadline to accomplish my plan for seducing women. I monitor my progress in achieving these goals day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month. By setting goals it help me to organized by activities in pursuing the women I desire and helps me to create enthusiasm, desire, and determination to do whatever it takes to succeed with women.

4. I have a burning desire at a deep gut level to improve my love and sex life. This burning desire creates a "success consciousness" in my mind that, which in turn creates a habit of continuing success with women.

5. Once I have developed my goals and plans to seduce single women, I follow through with a dogged determination that does not recognize failure or defeat and if I come across obstacles I go under, around, and through them, and I am not influenced by what others may think, say, or do about my plans.

My personal advice is to keep your plans and goals to yourself. This is private and your own personal plan to do better with women. If you share it with your buddies, relatives, co-workers, etc. they may ridicule you or discourage you.

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