Many of you want to be successful and have the fame, and recognition that comes with it.

However, an ongoing dream fatigues by knocking you down after seeing minimal or no results.

“Why bother?”

You might ask.

It’ll be nice to achieve that one thing in life, but you will not succeed by being indecisive and changing paths all the time.

Figuring out your goal will give you breath in life. Work for a goal that is a complete expression of who you are. Your true self.

For instance, writing allows me to be who I am. Writing is an expression of me. Writing gives me joy.

Reach for a goal by being restless, first. Achieve it through strong reasons.

Start by keeping your purpose a secret. Show them instead of talking about it. Work day in and day out by becoming a doer and not a talker.

Demonstrate to the world you can, silently. Let the secret unveil itself when it surfaces.

Your life’s purpose will be known. You’ll feel it. It is something felt. I don’t know how you’ll find yours, but I felt in love with writing after waking up each morning knowing I found it.

The best thing I can say to you is, “Do not change your purpose after discovering it.”

You’ll know because your goal will inspire a little mystery in your head. Curiosity is the key to success.

It will motivate you to work. Forbidden things in life pull us in. Your goal should do the same.

It should make you want to figure your goal out.
Big goals are meant to be figured out.

That is why you should have one. This is the reason we pursue them.

I am curious in figuring out how to inspire through writing. That’s big.

After achieving success I know It will change the quality of living for my family. How? It’s a mystery I want to find out.
And I cannot give up on them, they depend on me.

I follow Jeff Goins blog and his writing goals changed his family’s quality of living and economy. He replaced his wife’s income easily. Through his hard work.

Being an inspiring writer is my purpose. I know I will become one because I said it.

This writing journey is challenging and figuring out how to be a great writer is a quest.

I am not a liar. Most blog writers give up after 6 months.
After 3 years of attempting to grow a blog it’s taking time to get subscribers.

The only thing I can trust is time. Time is my ally.

In life I have won many awards and medals. I been number one in many areas in my life but, I haven’t figure out how to be an exceptional writer yet.

The want to be a writer for the world.

I write because I yearn to hear these beautiful words,

“Your book has inspired me to change.”

And I know constant writing will get me published one day.

I am working restlessly days and nights to write. I sit silently in my little broken down office and write. No one knows this except you reader.

As an inspiring writer & psychologist it’s my purpose to inspire people through words. I love words because they impact people’s lives. It fulfills me. And writing gives me that freedom.

I know this for a fact. To become a writer you must write.
And I have a strong belief and feeling this will come true.

The only thing I can do is to keep going and you should too in what ever it is you want to achieve.

Be patient. Long term success yields when you’re willing.

Learn to go forward and do not lose direction. This grows your faith.

Do not look to your left or right, but keep your eyes steady for what is in ahead of you.

Keep going even if you see no or minimal results.

I still write and feel inspired after seeing minimal results from time to time about my blog. I know I will become a professional writer sooner than later.

Author's Bio: 

Ricardo Ortiz is an inspiring writer and psychologist.