Many people may not be able to remember the last time they had a good laugh with their romantic partner – but laughter really may be the best medicine when it comes to romance.
My son traveled throughout Europe and experienced many of the great cultures and people of this wonderful continent. But his favorite country – and people – was the Irish. When I asked him what it was he liked most about Ireland and the Irish people, he said: ‘The country is so beautiful but that’s not really what made me fall in love with Ireland.’”
And then he thought for another moment and said: ‘I know what it was – It’s the people – and the way they always seem to be laughing.’ My son continued to tell us how the Irish people always seemed to be happy, smiling and laughing – as if they didn’t have a care in the world; (and this was in the midst of one of Ireland’s greatest recessions!).
That’s it. That’s what brings the Irish all their luck! Their laughter is what makes the Irish lucky- and their laughter is what makes everyone loves the Irish!
Laughter is contagious; once someone starts laughing, the next thing you know, everyone is laughing. How can you not be lucky when you are always laughing, and smiling?
It is this ability to laugh – at ourselves, and our lives that will bring the luck of the Irish into our relationship.

Below are 5 benefits of laughter, based on current research.
1. Laughter releases endorphins from the brain. These endorphins make a person feel energetic and breathe new and invigorating energy into his or her life while simultaneously reducing stress.
2. Laughter provides a sense of physical and emotional release.
3. Laughter prevents people from focusing on guilt and other negative emotions in a much more beneficial way than other distractions can.
4. Laughter-and humor- tends to put things in a positive perspective. So if people in a romantic relationship can laugh about a difficult situation – they are much more likely to work together to solve it – instead of fighting about it.
5. Laughter is contagious and has a way of connecting you with others. The party begins when the Irish arrive! If you can’t have a good laugh with an Irish crowd; I dare say you can’t have a good laugh at all!
I urge you to bring Irish laughter into your relationship. Laugh! It is why the Irish are such a happy people! Laugh and laugh it up with in romance. Approach difficulties with a sense of humor and keep it in perspective. It is free and it spreads like wild-fire!
Couples who laugh it up will bring the luck of the Irish into their relationships. Get this party started…

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