The reason I left him is hard to explain but I will do my best. We had got married about ten years ago and things were good for quite a while but then Donald tried to demand that I give up my job because he said he wanted me to be at home all the time ready for when he comes home from work (he worked odd hours and they were unpredictable so he never knew from one day to the next whether it would be 2 pm or later and any time up to 7 pm). He loved to have me there ready and waiting for whatever time that was, which could be so late that I would have been there and waiting for five hours or more.

Donald knew I had family nearby and he knew I had a few good friends nearby but the way he saw it was that a woman's place is to be there with or for her husband first and foremost, and it was alright to see the friends and family if we went to a do or a wedding and we went together but wrong of me to see them without him, especially if it meant that I was too busy seeing them to be there waiting.

He also wanted to get very bossy and demanding about what I wore, how I looked, how I spoke and much else. All in an effort to turn me into a stepford wife!

We talked and I tried to explain all of this to him but he would not listen, to him he was merely exerting his rights and as he was paying the bills and providing the house and all the rest he talked as if he had bought and paid for me too. He did not care how lonely I would get nor how I would lose my family and friends, it was as though he wanted me to only have him.

Donald never hit me, and he never shouted at me, but he was so manipulative and controlling and never gave any thought to my happiness. So I saved up a little here and there from the housekeeping and I put it by while I looked for somewhere to live and made sure that I left as soon as I was able to - now. It is going to be a joy to be able to see people again, go out again, do normal things again.I will also go back to work, not because I must but because I want a normal life.

I am sure that Donald will try to get back with me and say to me that he is sorry and will change, but this has happened before and once I go back he does not change at all, in fact he gets worse, it is as though he believes that he can lie to me to get me to return and then do whatever he wants and then I must stay forever. He forgets that if I could leave once I can leave again.

Who knows I might meet a vey nice man who is charming, nice and caring one day, but no rush for that.

I did see a psychic medium about this, well I spoke to her on the phone as it is hard to get out. She was very good. And she gave me the confidence to follow through with my plans and to make something of my life before it is too late. I am forty five now and if I let this chance go it may never happen. Please wish me luck, hopefully I will not need it. A case study.

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